Thought Sort team has collaborated with leading academic and healthcare professionals, and members of the patient community in the development of Thought Sort.



Every case study in the tool is a real-life situation experienced by someone in the community. This re-enforces our ‘By MSers For MSers’ approach. asked MSers about their experiences since diagnosis and did the same with healthcare professionals which meant we had a well rounded picture of what issues people faced on their MS journey.


The Supportive Adjustment for Multiple Sclerosis (saMS) manual, which was funded by the MS Society, influenced the development of the tool. Thought Sort is delivered in a self-guided manner with the support of the community peers.


We’d like to thank the following people for their involvement in sharing their knowledge and experiences with us:


Prof Rona Moss-Morris, Alison Carolan, Jane, Andrew, Deanne, Mel, Cat, Rebekah, Trevis, Laura, Pepe Lucio, Priyal, Joanne, Debra-Jane, Margaret Hooper, Anneka Appleton, Dr Sam Alternorf, Dr Sue Black, Dr Heather Wilson, Sarah Burton, Margaret Vincent, Bernadette Porter MBE, Dr Henry Potts, Matt Edmonds.

As part of the project steering group, Joanne Hackett and Charlie Davie from UCLPartners supported to gain ethical approval of Thought Sort. This has allowed us to approach patients through MS centres across three hospitals in the UCLPartners geography to compare MSers coming via clinic or other means. By engaging with clinicians across a number of sites, we plan to build more relationships through UCLPartners to develop Thought Sort as part of the emotional health clinical pathway.


The development of the Thought Sort tool was funded by leading Tech for Good funder, Nominet Trust.

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