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Mental health

I’ve had RRMS since March 2020 and because I got diagnosed with nocturnal seizures a year before February 2019 and with Covid at the time It was hard dealing with it all but It’s been a few years now I’m used to the pains and being ill but the mental health side of it is something I’m still struggling with, and because I’m not working right now because of my health it doesn’t help, my anxiety and depression haven’t been the best.. I can’t speak to family or friends because they all have their own issues and I just feel like a burden and I just don’t know what to do now..

Hope you ok now ?…all the best


Hi Sara. Are you on any medication for the depression I take Duloxetine which works great for my depression. But as you know everyone is different. You should never feel like a burden on everyone but you really do need to talk to somebody about the ride you’re going on maybe talk to the MS support group ? I’ve had MS since 1997 SPMS I have I don’t live that far from you I live in St. Helens. Take care of yourself.