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Recent MS taking its toll on my Mental Health

I've been diagnosed 3 years, just struggling at the minute and feel lile I'm not being taken seriously. Recently lost the sight in my left eye, rang MS nurse 3 days ago and no answer and still havent got back to me. I took myself to the eye hospital where they said I have optic neuritis but to come back in a week as they don't want to treat it. Feeling really deflated and like I don't want to be here. MS is taking a toll on my body and no one is listening. Really don't know what to do, alls I know is MS socks. Wish I could turn back time

I hear ya buds. Feeling deflated can be a regular occurrence with our condition. You are not alone. I heard to you.


Me too tbh at the moment… when I had optic neuritis my gp told me to make appointments at local optician and and waited with no vision for a week 😖… if it happened again I’d go straight to A&E! It is frustrating feeling like people rnt helping and scary not being able to do the things u could before… for me that’s walking, driving and working but I am trying to stay positive but I get that it’s hard sometimes… I hope it gets easier for you soon xxx