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Mental health

Really struggling to accept this and I live in denial but my body always reminds me it’s there (numbness, heaviness, tingling, buzzing) how can I even attempt to accept this? I feel so down and low all of the time. I can’t enjoy anything in life at the moment which sucks as I have highly active MS and I’m wasting time worrying and being depressed when I should be out there enjoying life with my toddler before mobility issues become a problem. I feel worthless. I even stopped my career because I’ve lost all sense of worth. What’s the point going further If I’m going to get worse?

Hi, sorry to hear that you are feeling low. Soooo hard. I would definitely recommend a trip to your Gp for mental health support. This can be super hard. Charities often offer talking therapy. Or, maybe your MS team. There is support, but can be hard to access, especially if one can’t leave the bed. Is there an adult that could help you access support. I.e. make an appointment and attend with you 🤷‍♀️. I hope you can find some support. All the best.


I’m very sorry that you are feeling that way. I can totally understand because I’m dealing with it as well. I used to play hockey and soccer regularly and ever since my diagnosis I quit. I had to learn what I was able to do based on how I’m feeling. The main problem I faced is that everyone wants to offer their opinion, I used to get really upset and I have learned to just do what I want.