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Mental health

Hi all! I was diagnosed 10 months ago I thought I was dealing with it fine but recently I’m having my doubts, I fly off the handle at nothing I forget things then people moan at me for forgetting! I work full time also I’m just feeling pretty rubbish. Should I go for counselling I am very good at putting a front on for family and friends I don’t want them worrying/stressing about me, but don’t know how to open up a conversation with a health professional. I’m feeling lost right now and really don’t know what to do or where to turn. Sorry for the moaning/negate post

Yep you could try it... initially I didn't as I ignored the diagnosis n threw myself into work... I think it was with ms uk when I eventually got given it from them (covid delays) Goodluck x


It’s ok to feel that way pretty normal & totally understandable it’s a pretty shitty diagnosis. Go for it but there may be a delay (long waiting lists) try mindfulness, journaling or check out www.myselfhelp.co.uk to keep u going in the meantime p.s whatever ur feeling at whatever time ur feeling it is ok ur human x