Living with MS

Getting diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is life-changing. MS is unpredictable, so the physical symptoms you're experiencing now may change, as will how you manage the day-to-day mental health challenge. But with current treatments and self-management tools, we know more about how to live well with MS than we ever have done. 

MS doesn’t mean the end of relationships, family, work, hobbies, independence; and it definitely doesn’t mean you have to give up on your ambitions, you may just have to rethink how to achieve them.

Living with MS

MS is different for everyone. This is what you need to know for life after diagnosis   

Learn more about MS

Living with MS is a journey, and you’ll need a team of people to help support you. You are the leader of your team, so swot up on everything you need to know about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options.

MS Symptoms

MS begins with symptoms. Read up on common (and not so common) MS symptoms 

MS Diagnosis

So you’ve been (or might be) diagnosed with MS? What to do next and where to go for support

MS Treatment

MS is highly treatable for many people. Know your options to manage symptoms and slow progression

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