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Mental health issues with MS

Does anyone have problems with their mental health with MS. I have more cognitive problems with my MS and have moment of feeling like I can't think straight.. feel more in my head then in the moment. I also live alone so don't have much one on one relationships at home.

Yea I feel this way too I find myself on days when I’m most tired retreating into my thoughts more as I’m just focusing on not collapsing trying to do the basic tasks like grocery shopping. I can also say being in a relationship isn’t much easier as I still struggle to not be in my head. I feel like it wasn’t a big problem for me before MS. I’m an Engineer and sometimes I feel my thoughts slipping or I’m struggling to remember names of people or places a lot. I can’t say I’ve found a solution but just know you aren’t alone. I don’t know if you have a therapist but I highly recommend it just talking with someone about what we’re going through has been nice and they offer up tools to help cope.


Yes, I feel this way also. I feel like I have cognitive issues due to MS. It gets frustrating because sometimes I feel like I have brain fog, sometimes I can get out what I'm trying to say, sometimes I feel like I say things that don't make sense and I'm trying to figure out where in the world is coming from or why it's happening. Then I attribute it to MS. I look back at before I was diagnosed and recall having some of these issues and wonder how long I've actually had MS before being diagnosed. My memory is not good and then I'd ask myself is it because of MS or am I going to be a candidate for dementia. All these things go through my head but then I do count my blessings that I do have. I just look at tomorrow as being a new day and taking things one day at a time!