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About me

Hi everyone, I'm Carolyn, I married my best friend in March of last year and we have a beautiful little girl together that is about to turn 4 next month. I also received my official diagnosis in July last year as well. When I was diagnosed, I already had 7-8 fair sized lesions, that were making thei...


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Ocrevus first infusion experience

Hey all, just posting my experience with Ocrevus in hopes it will help better inform everyone. I've read how people felt great after their infusion but that had not been the case for me. My first infusion resulted in low blood pressure that the nurses at my infusion center did nothing about (they...


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Struggling with legs that fill like lead weights😢

Hi I’m on Ocrevus. My legs fill terrible. PPMS I have, is there anyone experiencing bad heavy legs. Think it’s causing my lower back hurt. Will any sort of exercise stop my legs being like this? Or is it just here to stay? Thanks any advice appreciated.




I am having an odd episode...I am having involuntary stretching and excessive yawning, and I have randomly squish my eyes together...Also, my RLS kicked in, the worse it’s ever been and all over my body 24/7, then add the bonus that every time I have to stretch it causes charlie-horses, plus burning...


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Starting Ocrevus

I've been prescribed Ocrevus and just wanted to know if anybody has experienced reactions from the infusions or can tell me what to expect?


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No pharma

Good morning group, I am curious to connect with people that have not chosen to take pharmaceutical medication and have sought relief through natural medicines and/or lifestyle changes! Please get in touch I'd love to hear your story!


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Just diagnosed!

Just waiting for my consultant date to come through. Just been told I have ‘mild’ MS! Glad I now know but need to know more information, why does everything takes so long? My symptoms are getting better so thinking I have remitting relapsing MS. Wonder if medication is still an option?


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Hello everyone, I know everyone has had to struggle so much throughout their course of MS and I want to congratulate everyone on how well they are doing:) So let's share some positivity! What is one good thing that you have taken away from your experience? I'll go first, I have learnt to only car...
Sutton, United Kingdom


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Decisions...next DMT choice, torn between Ocrevus and Mavenclad

I have recently come off Aubagio and just finished my 11 day flush out course to get it out of my system. A recent MRI in March showed further lesions, so my Neuro suggested I move onto another DMT. She proposed 3 different meds - Ocrevus, Fingolimod or Mavenclad. After reading up I don't like the ...