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Xray for Ocrevus?

Hello, i have a pre assessment on Monday to see if i'm suitable for Ocrevus. I was curious as to why they xray your chest?


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Hello 😊

Just saying hi as I’ve just joined after hearing this mentioned on London news.


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Hello! New person post

Hiya, just onto this site after a meeting with my nurse today and feel like the support on here could be well needed. I was diagnosed November last year and chose treatment today. A little overwhelmed at the moment but onwards and upwards! Anyway, can't wait to make some new friends and get to know ...


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Hello all I apparently have PPMS I often feel alone reading posts and chat as most people talk about RRMS, feel quite alone sometimes, say hello if you have PPMS so we can talk about OUR MS and compare notes!


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I am new to this site and wondered how many people with PPMS used it? Really interested to hear other people's experience of PPMS. I was diagnosed three year ago after investigations into what was then a mild gait/drop foot problem. Over the past 18 months I have experienced significantly greater...


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Work difficulty

Hi there, I have been experiencing some difficulties at work lately. I recently went from working full time (40+hours a week) to part time (30 hours a week). The issue is that my boss schedules me from 6:30am until close (no exact time bc it’s a surgery center) and sometimes I’m there for over 12 ho...


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Tysabri how does it make you feel? Had to change due to a new patch

On my 2nd Tysabri infusion and don’t feel too good. Is this normally the case?Feeling super fatigued and not as sharp. Thought I was going to feel as well as I did after the 1st infusion, thought it was great! I am expecting a baby too 👶 and I have come off duloxotine so maybe that’s not helping. ...


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Back to the future

If you could go back in time and tell your newly diagnosed self something that would have made your MS journey easier. What advice would you give?🤷🏼‍♀️ The year I was diagnosed, I had three relapses within 12 months. I was doing way too much if I think back. I was working horrid shifts for the N...


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Covid Jab

Hi guys, I was wondering, has anyone here had covid, and has also had their covid jab yet? I'm worried about getting my jab as I've spoken to one lady who had covid after xmas, (she is on tysabri) then had her jab a couple of weeks back and was very ill for a week after.


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Me again 😁🤣 Just wondering if any of you folks follow the OMS diet? I started to follow a few weeks ago, obviously don't expect to see any changes right now but has anyone had any positive (or negative) experiences with it??
London Borough of Ealing, England, United Kingdom