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Spasm Overload

Hey Peeps, so in the last 6 months or so I've noticed that the amount of Spasms I get has increased substantially and the Strength of them has also increased. Thankfully they don't last long and it's mostly discomfort they provide more than pain but, occasionally my Calves will Tense up so much that...


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Hi all, i was diagnosed with RRMS in 2022 . Since the diagnosis I’ve had some good days. Some bad days, but fatigue and pain has always been a constant. Do yall suffer from fatigue and pain ? How do you work through it .


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Kesimpta Users - Failed Injection

Hi folks, anyone out there using Kesimpta had a failed injection? I've used it monthly since my diagnosis 2 years ago, and it's been perfect. But last night, while administering the injection, it didn't click to signal it was complete, and I held the injector pen there for a while hoping it eventual...


Does anyone get real bad cramps and pins and needles in feet when sat down and feet go a funny colour.
Hartlepool, United Kingdom


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Leg pain

Hi to all my fellow warriors. Does anyone else suffer with pain in their legs? I've had it bad the past 2 days. Seems to get worse in the evening. I can't relax or lay on my sides as my thighs really start to ache. Can anyone offer any advice?
Slough, United Kingdom

Just a rant

Hey Ive not been on for a long time, just life getting in the way ☺️ am just needing a rant not really ms related, my oldest daughter has successfully gained a place at northern ballet school starting in September🩰 there’s no funding such as student loans/bursaries so we started a go fund me page a...

Debilitating fatigue 5 days solid now! 😢

I went out to a concert on Thursday evening, my only night out in months and years! I had a couple of things to do Friday but have been laying d low ever since. My body feels like it’s made of concrete. I just want to cry as I can’t do the simplest things. Had to cancel dentist today and got a hospi...


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Work and time off for appointments

Hi, sorry to keep posting so much. So, because of how many appointments I’ve had this year leading up to my diagnosis I’ve used my allotted 8 hours appointment time. I am now being requested to either work during infusions, make the time up in advance (I work 8-4.30 Monday - Friday), take it sick wh...


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Illness / infections

Hi all, does anyone else have illness after illness? I’m not a poorly person and never have been but this last month or so I’ve had an infection, then Covid and now I’m ill again. Not used to this at all! I already take the recommended dose of vitamin D and multi vitamins. When I’m feeling poorly it...


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Hello Everybody, I was happily surprised yesterday to receive a phone call from Octopus nurses informing me that I'd be invited, in a couple of months, to join and take part in the forthcoming trial. I'm feeling fortunate. I'm looking forward to helping, in some small way in the search for a drug or...
Banbridge, United Kingdom