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I have left shoulder pain plus when doing exersion that time left facial pain headache ? Is it related to MS or any other prob of shoulder ?


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No sleep

Anyone else struggle to sleep at night? Or just me. I can be up three four hours in the night. Anyone got any tips on how to sleep better or for longer when I first go to sleep.




Symptoms of an MS Hug is it feels like someone is squeezing your chest so tight and have trouble breathing. The symptoms first started in the first lockdown and first I wasn’t sure if I had Covid or mt heart was playing up BUT when I was speaking with my nurse she was very sure that it was an MS Hug...
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No one told me how hard this f ##ked up thing is it's a battle every day to keep going keep going for my family .sorry for rant I'm james




Today’s sermon

Nobody’s perfect, we make mistakes, we say wrong things, we do Wrong things. We fall, we get up. We learn, we grow. We move on. We live. Thank you.


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Limbo land and diagnosis

Where to begin I believe I've had symptoms for a number of years but put it all down to ageing and being clumsy and a stressful job. Symptoms got worse around 18mths ago with chronic fatigue, loss of consciousness and collapse, falling , nerve pain in feet and originally right hand but now both, ...
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Stop MS £100 million?

Fed up - Feeling blue - Thinking orange - Depending where/when/what I read - approx. 2+ million people in the world with MS. Thoughts...Make it mandatory per person with MS to donate £50? We'd reach well over the 100 million benchmark to 'Stop MS' - What am I missing? xo


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job Interview

heeeeeey buddies its me again glad to tell you guys I had the opportunity to get a job in health management my question is should I tell them about ms or not


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Hi, I’ve had ms from a youngish age, but now 35, still at home, studying at the moment following training to be a hairdresser, then trained to work in an office for a charity, I feel like now I’m just watching other people get on with their lives. Sorry to be so negative but I can’t say to anyone el...


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Pins and needles when standing up

Been in a relapse for just over a month now, had a whole range of symptoms and an mri showing lots of new activity. I find it fascinating to try and link each of the symptoms to the various new lesions and their locations. Most symptoms have resolved now, but there’s one remaining and I find it supe...