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Hello Again

I've been away from for nearly 10 years. I was pretty active in 2014.
Newport News, United States


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Bladder and bowel troubles ?

Sorry for a rather crude set of questions.........but...... I'm having a lot of difficulty getting the muscles to relax so I can go to the toilet......l'm pretty much numb down there.......any experience of this out there..........??



Any dating idea....

Well... Does anyone have any idea about where to meet ladies.. Until my codition was like normal, I had more than enough chances but this is no longer the case as my mobility is limited ..


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Feeling like I failed

I feel like a little bit that I failed in life, ever since being diagnosed, feel like such a failure, useless, can't do anything right anything, want to give up, This is Not Fair, so not fair, Why me, why all the other, people on here so lonely, sorry wanted to rant today 😢


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Hospitalized; struggling; train wreck

Randomly last month I started experiencing some wild neurological issues, really out of the blue. Skin/nerve pain, Abdomen and back skin sensitive to touch, Arm/hand pain /burning sensation, Tremors , Feet and lip “numbness”, Weird feeling in head like nerves firing /electrical shocks, Blurry vision...


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I have finally had my diagnosis only took 11yrs !!!

Iso I have the strangest of feeling I have finally been diagnosed with relapsing and remitting MS which isn't obviously what I wanted to be told BUT I'm glad to finally have a tangible diagnosis and not to be looked at like I'm mad. F8nding it difficult as I have a very unsupportive partner who i...


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Living in Fear

How do I get past the intrusive thoughts that I’m about to relapse at the most minor things happening (headaches, slight pain in arms/legs, nausea, etc)? I can’t help but go to a bad place whenever I feel even slightly unwell and it’s exhausting! #newlydiagnosed #relapsingremitting


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I'm grieving y'all.... grieving multiple losses and things I've had to let go of because of my health. I've had to give up my "dream job." I'm grieving about how my life has changed since having to quit working 6 months ago. I'm coming to the realization that I have a "new normal" and that changes f...



When you need relatable music…!

Hi guys I’m into music that matches my feelings or what I’m going through at any particular time. I’d recommend this album to anyone who wants to get cozy with their sadness about this absolutely delightful diagnosis.


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I was feeling kinda normal

Nothing but headaches, but yay no migraines till it started day before yesterday. Fatigue, hoping it was just from the heat or extra activity I went to bed earlier and rested more. To wake up with blurred vision right eye looking puffy around it. Right side of my head hurting, feeling nauseous. For ...