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A bit sad

I’m having a rough few weeks with my symptoms and think I have some new ones. I’m on Tysabri, had 4 sessions so it’s still early days and I don’t feel good. My normal dizziness, nerve pain, pins and needles (or stabbing!!) etc. are heightened but I now have gunky eyes (only way I can explain it) an...

New to this site

Hi, I'm from Glasgow Scotland. I was diagnosed in 2019. Looking for people to chat to xx


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That’s ME

I’m new to this, so please bear with me! I’m Francesca in 30 years old and I have had MS for 3 years I live in the Italy


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Blood test

Hi. I had blood test and got answer that white blood cells r low . I am on Gilenya. Did enyone had / have that prob? What to do?


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Mri results

I had my mri results today. She said I have lesions on my spine and I need a brain scan. I asked her y and she said she thinks I have a neurological disorder. I asked what that means and she said well the most common one is MS. I googled the symptoms and I have most of them. I struggle to walk. Stru...


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What is Shift.ms?

Hey 👋 Welcome to the Shift.ms community! Drop a comment below and let us know where you're from 👇 Whether you've got MS questions, you're seeking advice, or you just want to chat to other MSers, we've got you covered 💚 Take a minute to hear Sarah's MS story and learn how she gets the most out ...


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Hi Everyone

I’m new to this, so please bear with me! I’m Toni in 43 years old and I have had MS for 19 years I live in the UK in the West Midlands


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Hi i am newly diagnosed & have just joined this group.

I am having double vision . Booked in to an experienced optician next week. I have read in various formats that certain specific lenses can help with double vision. I mainly get this at night and when I am tired. Does anyone have any suggestions , I would be very grateful.


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Hi All Just a quick question if I may. I remember people talking about taking magnesium to help with the cold feet and sleeping etc.. I was wondering how much you take? Thanks Shona