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Hello all I apparently have PPMS I often feel alone reading posts and chat as most people talk about RRMS, feel quite alone sometimes, say hello if you have PPMS so we can talk about OUR MS and compare notes!


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Hey guys, Just wondered if anyone got shakes with their MS, I've started getting really bad shakes over the past month, some days are better than others but wondered if this was common or not. I have asked my MS nurse and she says not but you can get spasms. I was diagnosed in October so still new ...


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Exercise whilst working full time

Hi everyone. I'm wondering how you guys fit exercise in whilst working full time and looking after family / house etc?! I'm a primary school teacher so my days are pretty active and then I have 9 year old son who is football mad and out at training and games several times per week. Plus house work, ...


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Aubagio and hair loss

I am starting on Aubagio tomorrow and wanted to ask peoples experience? I took Avonex for 10 years, ( luckily no progression? Just hated injecting myself so am giving Aubagio a go. My main concern is the hair loss, how thin does it get, I'm 40 and proud to have thick hair, sorry if that sounds vain.



Infusion or pills?

20 yr MS'er here. Very managable for 16 yrs which is when i began Aubagio. After 18 months we had to stop it. Every side effect listed I had tenfold. I know thats what progressed my MS drastically. Its been 2 yrs so its out of my system now. This past yr has been a downward spiral with my MS. 6 new ...


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My body makes no sense😩

Today i woke up not feeling 100%. I decided to push through and go to work any ways. Big mistake sadly. I'm 3 red lights away and my leg muscles start spasing. I keep calm and call my boyfriend, who's 30 minutes away, to come get me. I stay calm and get to my store and call in to get help and my d...


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Taken seriously

Hi all I hope you are all well, I wanted to ask if anyone felt or feels that they aren't being taken seriously especially if your diagnosis is Remittance Relapse. I feel like Im not being taken seriously. I am a performing artist and physical theatre is...was one of my major mediums of performing. I...


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Is there anyone on this medication that I could talk to start mavenclad tomorrow thanks


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Moving to Mavenclad after one dose of Lemtrada

Hello all, Brand new here. I guess I wanted to share my situation and get some words of encouragement! I have been living with RRMS since 2006. Started with betaferon for 10years, hated the injections. Then got moved to Gilenya for 3 years which unfortunately didn't cover me very well. I had two rel...


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Hey everyone, was just curious if anyone has taken MAVENCLAD and if they found that the second week (week 5) affected them more or less than the first? In terms of side effects or feeling sick, etc.