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The emotional impact of your MS diagnosis

Cast your mind back to that moment when you were sitting opposite your doctor and told “it’s multiple sclerosis”. Three words that are nothing short of life changing. When we speak to MSers about their diagnosis appointment, it’s clear that how those three words are delivered, and the care that im...

MS & trauma. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being not traumatic at all and 5 being extremely traumatic, how would you rate the emotional impact of your MS diagnosis?

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I am new to this site and wondered how many people with PPMS used it? Really interested to hear other people's experience of PPMS. I was diagnosed three year ago after investigations into what was then a mild gait/drop foot problem. Over the past 18 months I have experienced significantly greater...


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MS and Covid booster

Hi all Just wondering if anyone else has had side effects re: the latest Covid booster? I’m really struggling with flu like symptoms and the fatigue/ocular/vestibular symptoms are off the scale! I’m a bit of a ‘reactor’ with flu/Covid jabs anyhow but this seems to be a particularly bad one!

Kesimpta no.1 💉

Hi everyone, happy Sunday! I’m having to switch from Tysabri after 8 month because although I’ve not had any new symptoms, I’ve had a new tiny lesion. I’m now going to be having Kesimpta! I had my last Tysabri on Tuesday and I’m now in a 6 week wash out period while my funding goes through for Kes...


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Inverse vaccine

Are we close to the cure of ms?? A vaccine, called "inverse vaccine" is under trial... 🙄 🙏
Athens, Greece


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wonder what % of people with MS work

and what % of those experience discrimination. If so what are your experiences?
Havant, United Kingdom


Struggling with nerve (hand) pain. Nothing seems to work on it. Also having problems with memory and concentration. Any suggestions?


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Two weeks ago I've been diagnosed with PPMS, I was chosen for FenTrepid program what has scary side effects, I don't know would it help me😔 I'm not living now normal life.. Is there anyone with this diagnosis and using this treatment maybe?


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Hi all I wanted to ask if anyone had used a bionic walking aid?

Hi has anyone used a bionic walking aid? Was looking into one. :-)
England, UK

Todays post

A propeller on an aircraft is just to keep the pilot cool. When this stops, you can actually see the pilot sweating
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