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Self-Determination (or lack thereof)

This is an example of a fictional client who is low in self-determinism. Her name is Jenny and Jenny has no motivation to recover from her depression, although she says she wants to overcome her depression. During her daily routine, Jenny doesn’t accept responsibility for her behaviours, eg sleeping...


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How long did it take you to get diagnosed with MS?

We’ve just launched Shift.ms polls! Take part in the first poll below👇 *Bonus points if you can leave a comment and let me know: are you happy with how long it took?

How long did it take you to get diagnosed with MS?

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The emotional impact of your MS diagnosis

Cast your mind back to that moment when you were sitting opposite your doctor and told “it’s multiple sclerosis”. Three words that are nothing short of life changing. When we speak to MSers about their diagnosis appointment, it’s clear that how those three words are delivered, and the care that im...

MS & trauma. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being not traumatic at all and 5 being extremely traumatic, how would you rate the emotional impact of your MS diagnosis?

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Walking stick/cane users…help!

Hi lovelies, For those of you who use a cane/walking stick, when did you feel you needed one? I know MS is different for everyone so I know people probably started using them at different stages of their diagnosis. I ask because due to my aches and pain, back trouble, issues with veering off in t...


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Support for children of MSers

Hello! I have a nine year old daughter who I think would benefit from some kind of childrens’ support group, where she could chat to other kids of MSers. Is there anything like this around? I’ve had MS for many years but am newly diagnosed after a raft of misdiagnoses, so I’m only just getting to gr...


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I need some advice , I am due to have my first injection of Kesimpta

Just wondering how people feel after the first injection and what side effects people have had.
Plymouth, United Kingdom

6 week hospital discharge check up

All went well and consultant is happy with how I'm am doing I've to have follow up tests next week and another Base Line MRI in 6-8 weeks. They happy to let me progress my exercises to include more leg based strength and agreed my new tredmill will be perfect for me. 2nd Ocrevus Transfusion in ...


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Do many people work full rime ?
Carlow, Ireland


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Poll: What was your main consideration when choosing an MS treatment?

Hey peeps 👋 Billy from Shift.ms here. I wanted to get your thoughts and opinions as we've had lots of new members join us recently. I feel like I got quite lucky with picking my MS treatment. My neurologist in London recommended three DMTs to me (Ocrevus, Tysabri, Tecfidera) and patiently explaine...

What was your main consideration when choosing your MS treatment?

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