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It's been almost 2 years and three months since I started taking this dmd 💊 ask away if you're choosing between the meds.


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Recently I've noticed I've started experiencing migraines. Now I'm not sure if it's MS related or whether it's the 8 hours of remote learning all day I get a sharp pain behind my left eye too. Does anyone else experience this? (I'm ringng MS nurse Monday)
Lancaster, England, United Kingdom


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Things not to say, How did you catch MS

Things not to say to someone with MS. How did you catch MS, I was stunned that this level of ignorance still exists today. People either know nothing, or there an expert on MS, with the tiny bit of knowledge they have. What really pees.me off is there (I dont want to look like an idiot, I'm well inf...


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Covid-19 vaccine

I'm pro-vaccinations but the more I read about the covid-19 vaccine, the more unsure I'm getting that it may cause a flare up even though I've taken the flu jab for years without any side effects. I've come such a long way in my MS battle and I'm stable and in a good place at the moment so I don't...


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Happy Anniversary!!!

I am diagnosed a year today and what a year it has been!! However, having joined this forum has been so helpful for me. It has been wonderful to have access to it and be able to ask any questions. Even by reading other peoples questions and answers has been so useful. Thanks everyone and stay safe!



Tysabri infusion

I'm having my first tysabri infusion next week. I'm really anxious about it! Can anyone share their experiences?


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First post!

Hi my name is Hayley! I thought I would be brave and put up a first post. I have recently been diagnosed with Remitting MS (November 2020), its been quite a journey that began with the complete loss of feeling in my left leg in summer 2019. Things spiralled from there and lots of MRI, blood tests an...


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Has anyone had a baclofin pump inserted that could give me some feed back
Urbana, United States


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Lower back pain

I have had recently continuous pain in my back. The pain is especially on the area where LP sample was taken. LP has nothing to do with the pain but can ms cause back pain? Every time i stand up I feel stabbing pain and it takes some seconds to stand up properly. I have never had such pain before ms...


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Never leave home without it!

Real love is endless, funky and can make you laugh harder than ever before. It can make a MS moment seem like a vague memory. An illusion never give up. For their is something and someone that just changes. This whole thing called life. So savour it and its unique flavour. You will know when it str...