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How to handle people?

Hey. I’m new to the group and wanted to ask how you guys cope with people. I have not been diagnosed yet but I do have an oncoming appointment with a neurologist. I had to visit a new primary doctor after moving and needed a new referral. I felt terrible because this new doctor said that she was onl...
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Sleep problems

Hi everyone, Hope everyone's doing well. I'm looking for a bit of advice around sleep problems. I've never really had sleep issues at all, but since my diagnosis in April, I've been having really disturbed sleep. I don't struggle with actually falling asleep as I'm usually so knackered, but the pr...


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Occrevus or Tysabri?

Thoughts & why a certain DMT was picked? 💕 I'm on Tysabri but thinking about Occrevus now although tysabri is working great but its monthly...


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Diagnosis Stories

I see there's lots of people on here who've been diagnosed in the last year or two. I wondered how it was for people? It's helpful to hear what others have gone through and how they're coping. I'm interested to know how it started for you and how you were diagnosed? I was diagnosed in January 202...


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Just want to say thank you for everyone here showing me their support.

I am willing to give you guys my number if you are wanting a catch-up or wanting assistance to help with the low forms of our condition. All the best guys! Jay x


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How long did people wait for a response from DVLA after reporting diagnosis? I posted the form at the beginning of October and haven’t even received acknowledgment of it being received… I’m getting a new car next week and am looking for new insurance and it obviously asks if you have reported a m...


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Burnt the food. Argh!

I think my memory is getting worse. I used to be able to do several things at once. Now I thought I could and burnt the food. Good job I didn’t burn down the house. Life is definitely more frustrating with MS. My hubby suggested writing more notes to myself. I think I would probably forget to write ...


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Vaccine Alternatives for Gilenya

Hi everyone, this is my first post here on Shift. It's good to be here! I'm posting because my wife has MS and she takes Gilenya daily as part of her treatment plan. As many of you may know, data shows that Gilenya doesn't allow the COVID vaccines to produce antibodies. We're trying to find ways to...


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Hi everyone 👋 I have what I believe is a new symptom - I have terrible on itching on the front of my neck, on my back and my hand. It usually appears at night and no amount of scratching will help! I rang the ms nurse and she doesn’t seem to think it’s connected to MS. Has anyone experienced a symp...
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The Buck List Job - Dang!

The other night I gave a presentation on Alaska as part of my book launch. For years I was a teacher and school administrator in Alaska. My dream, education, and training pointed to the superintendent of schools position. Then MS struck, and I was on medical disability ten years ago. Fast forward to...