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A week away from 40

My 40th bday is in a week. So thankful to have made it this far. But, there is an ugly but(t) has been so painful and trying...and I don't give up. Favorite quote - Confucius- "It doesn't matter how slow you go, as long as you don't stop." The pain is getting worse 😞 Any tips and suggestion...


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Does anyone have suggestions on how to ensure contrast can be properly removed after its injected? I’ve heard I would just need a lot of water to flush it out, but if there are other useful suggestions, I’d love to hear it.



Other ways to help MS symptoms?

Has anyone found any non treatment/medical ways of improving MS and your relapses? Maybe a certain diet. Supplement you swear by, working out, I’ve heard has helped people. Would love to hear of anything you guys do that you believe helps your MS and relapses. As I want to try and incorporate as man...


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Who else is having a hard time making friends?

Is just seems like it doesn’t matter how hard I try to hide my depression, I still end up with no one wanting to be my friend.


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Diagnosed with MS yesterday

Hi everyone, I don’t know what to say, but I have been diagnosed with MS yesterday, i read some information on internet and i felt so scared. my mind is so confused and I can’t think proper and don’t know what to do and couldn’t sleep yesterday at all. However this morning MS nurse called me and ad...


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Anyone changed careers after their diagnose?

I haven’t been able to find a job in my field in years (thanks a lot pandemic/economy). Before my MS dx last month I was thinking about changing into something related to data analytics, but since my symptoms were optic I’m afraid looking at a computer for long periods of time will be very straining...


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Temperature issues?

I've been recently diagnosed with PPMS and it seems that in recent weeks every MS symptom l've ever had had come back with a vengeance. Besides this, I seem to have really weird temperature issues. Sometimes I'll be reallv hot and all the 'hot' side effects that come with it then other times l'll b...


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Help - Struggling with another employee clearly stating I’m faking it!

I’m struggling with another employee I work with at the moment who is making it very clear I’m faking being ill because she clearly doesn't stand an invariable illness!


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Restless legs

Can anyone recommend what is the best thing for restless legs especially at night time?