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Last November I was told you are at stage 4. There are no more stages. This perfect stranger through me into an darkness I never before experienced, I was to that day a positive person looking forward to life. I find this last stage very challenging. MS has got me now. I am thankful I have life bu...


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Have been in Hospital..... Again.

Was in hospital yet again recently, not an infection this time but, a Fall due to minimal strength in my legs and Spasms.


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Botox & Filler

I’ve always wondered if you can have Botox and filler with MS! I’ve heard good and bad things about having this when you have multiple sclerosis….does anyone on here have this or had it in the past? I’ve googled and I’m reading yes on one page then no on another 🙄
Sheffield, United Kingdom


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Intro i guess

I dunno if its the rite forum for introducing urself. Sorry in advance if its not! Hi, im Jev im 35 years old now and I would like to introduce myself and maybe someone would like to have a chat with me. Why now again? Well i dunno, maybe at this age loneliness kicks in? I have been alone for almos...


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Bad reaction to kesimpta?

Hi everyone, I had my first dose on Thursday and it feels like it's just made everything worse. Legs feel more numb, can barely grip anything with my hands, is this normal and will it go away after my body gets used to it?

Ocrevus (faster infusion)

Hi All! I have had the faster infusion twice now and it's good that I am not sitting on the ward for as long. But I just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience to me. After my last couple of treatments I have felt very dizzy, kind of light headed and nauseated. The only difference I co...


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Ex-Athletes new to MS

I used to compete in Beach Volleyball and now 9 months into diagnosis and still pre-Ocrevus (should start this month). I've been having progressing difficulty with balancing and hyperspastic legs that have made it impossible to compete anymore, but I can still walk and exercise (with balance difficu...
Miami Beach - South Beach, Miami Beach, FL, USA


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Light headed, weak and off balance

Morning, I have not yet been diagnosed with MS although was told by a neurologist 9 years that I may have it due to lesions on brain. For the last 5 weeks I've been experiencing lightheadedness, off balance, feeling weak and exhausted doing not very much. I was convinced that I was diabetic but ...


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Hi, Does anyone play video games and do you feel it has helped with memory and cognition in general. My 15 year old son has a PS5 and I have taken to playing a game I played over 20 years ago on pc with work colleagues. I have read some articles that said video gaming may have cognitive benefits f...