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How long did it take for you to start treatment?

Hey guys, After your diagnosis how long did it take until you started treatment? I’m waiting to start Tysabri but was diagnosed in December 2022


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Ive just started a new job and am really anxious about telling my employer. I work for a very large firm but in a small, lovely team and I know the firm has a brilliant approach to disability My concern is more them seeing me differently or assuming I cant do something. Im tempted to not tell the...


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Hello, Does anybody else have/had HUGE sode effects from the medication copaxone? Really need help


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Starting new meds soon.

Hi i’m starting on Ovrevus Infusions soon. Any tips or feedback about this drug?


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Does anyone here take Ampyra and has it helped with your mobility issues and heaviness in your legs? I’m about to start the medication for mobility issues and the list of possible side effects seems a bit worrisome. (Especially the risk for seizures considering I am also on Wellbutrin)


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Self description...

Worst parts about MS, wonder what it is for others: i hate not being able to walk around a museum on my own two feet, cant dance as much as I used to even though I was a dancer, cant work full time anymore and worst parts about summer cant go out as much as I used to and far less of a social life. S...


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I have an MRI this month. I'm a bit stressed, although I'm glad that it's been a year since the first throw and I'm in good shape... ;)


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Ocrevus crap gap

Has anyone else struggled with the so called “crap gap” in the week or so leading up to an infusion? I’m sue my next one on the 7th of June and I feel awful. The fatigue is next level, I’m exhausted no matter how much sleep I get, I have an incurable headache the brain fog is ridiculous, I’m forget...


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tecfidera Rash

Hello, I've been taking Tecfidera since 2017 and always tolerated it fairly well. I only had flushing if I forgot to drink enough water after my tablet. In the last few weeks my flushing has been off the scale no matter what I do, and I've come out in an itchy rash on my face. I wondered if anyone h...