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Paid research opportunity: share your views about progression 💸

Would you be happy to take part in a short interview and share your experiences? We’ll be asking you if your HCP discussed MS progression with you when you were diagnosed. How did they broach the subject - if they did at all - and how did it make you feel? Whether they discussed this important sub...


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A question about other people with MS

I think being diagnosed with MS is like being dropped into a new country and not knowing the language. All of a sudden we’re expected to know the MS lingo, pick a treatment, tell our friends, look at our diet, notify our employers etc. For me, there’s no way I could’ve confidently done any of it w...

Do you think finding other people with MS makes it easier for you to make further health decisions with MS?

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Crawling/itching feeling in my head

Hey everyone any advice is great… I’m waiting to start my second year of Cladribine however my bloods were not right to start but since waiting about three weeks the feeling in my head has gone crazy with itching and a crawling feel it’s driving me mad any ideas on how to control it? Also my left ...


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Ocrevus infusion reaction - shaking/rigors

Hi all, I'm not having much luck in my googling to help me process & understand what went down during my 1st infusion this Monday! When I got to just under 1/2 of my first dose (so, less than 1/4 of what I would be getting on an ongoing six monthly basis), my blood pressure dropped then I felt woo...


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Todays post

I’m not always angry & irritable. Sometimes I’m asleep.


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Slurry speach.

Is it commen to talk and speach starts to become slurry as this is a new experience for me. This MS ordeal
Scottburgh, South Africa


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Ocrevus + eyes

This may be very unrelated to ocrevus, but ever since I started the med (October 2023) I realized my eyes can be extremely sensitive/dry/red. I am requiring daily eye drops to not scare people at work. I mentioned this to my neurologist and he said he’s not too worried and we will check my labs in...


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How long did it take you to get diagnosed with MS?

We’ve just launched Shift.ms polls! Take part in the first poll below👇 *Bonus points if you can leave a comment and let me know: are you happy with how long it took?

How long did it take you to get diagnosed with MS?

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Checking in...

I'm soooo excited 😁!!! My neurology followup appointment got moved up to next Tuesday. Hopefully, I'll be started treatment soon. I'm considering going with Kesimpta. This has been a long time coming. But I'm grateful to have not given up and through this process of getting diagnosed, I've learned ...