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Hi i was diagnosed with RRMS in 2012 when i was 26. Now 33 I've tried Copaxone, Gylenya and am on my second year of Mavenclad. With Copaxone i had a relapse and never felt any relief. Also i have permanent divots in my legs and arm because of it. Gylenya I was happy with but still finding symptoms w...



Why do you ask?

Relapsing-Remitting ms (RRms) is very variable. Do "YOU" have any idea how big the Central Nervous System (CNS) is? RRms attacks anywhere and everywhere. "YOU" take Disease-Modifying Therapy (DMT) to lessen the amount of visible and hidden attacks that "YOU" have, to slow disease progression. ...



Are my relapses normal?

I’ve been searching for a long time to figure out if my relapses are normal. Typically I have various symptoms(leg weakness, hand weakness, tingling, buzzing and fatigue) that come and go when my relapse starts. Normally the symptoms last a few days and then move to a different body part. This g...


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Why is it?

Why when my DMT (Ocrevus) is working ie my MRI shows no Progression or worsening of lesions do I feel, walk and talk worse?


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Innet Thigh pain

Does anyone else get severe muscle cramping in the inner thigh? If so what has helped you?


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Advice wanted

Hello, I was diagnosed in January and have chosen to have Ocrevus as it seems to offer a good chance for relapsing/remitting. I keep seeing posts on a FB page about going natural and managing through diet, I suppose I'm looking for evidence this is possible, or someone to say go with the meds. My sy...


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Icy cold burning sensation?

One of my main complaints is the icy cold burning sensation in my hands, arms and legs. Does anyone else experience this? It feels like my hands are in ice water. This flares at various times during the day—-sometimes is present all day long. I have found that swimming in a warm water therapy po...


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Hey everyone, was just curious if anyone has taken MAVENCLAD and if they found that the second week (week 5) affected them more or less than the first? In terms of side effects or feeling sick, etc.


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My neuro says my MS is running a benign course,...

I haven't really had a flare up for 15 years (I'm now 45). I would love to know if anyone else has been in this position and did it remain benign ? I realise I am very lucky, but wish I knew a bit more about the future.


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Is there anyone on this medication that I could talk to start mavenclad tomorrow thanks