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Its called Fitness not brokeness!

Pat McNamara functional fitness, Boxing, fitness for MS and parkinsons. Has anyone tried something like this?🤔



Burning sensations

Hey all, does anyone else get really bad burning sensations in their legs, hips and lower back, sometimes across their stomach? It isn't constant, gets worse at night. I am on carbamazepine so when that kicks in in the evening it eases but its so unpleasant and I am not on any carbamazepine in the ...


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Anyone play Xbox/PC

I am into fitness and gaming anyone else,what sorta games do you play?
Gerrards Cross, United Kingdom


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Begining Treatments

Hello. Please can MS drugs improve my multiple symptoms? If so what drugs can do that? How long do I need to take them? Please someone should help please


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New symptom

Has anyone had a real stiffness from the base of the skull to my shoulders and back
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada


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Covid 19 vaccine

Woundering if any feel unsafe with taking this new vaccine thats going out this year. Unsure if i want to take it.


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Explanation of O

Saw this explanation and thought it was a great way to describe it Ocrevus does not destroy your immune system. Or severely reduce it. It does modify your immune system and as a side effect slightly weaken it. T-cells cause damage to the myelin in the central nervous system. The T-cells got thei...


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Agents of Shield

Hi Shifters! I'm looking for UK-based participants for a podcast series on pandemic shielding amongst people with MS. It'd be a 30 minutes tops chat over Zoom or similar, with a set of the usual questions: Do/did you shield (first lockdown, second November lockdown, January lockdown) if so, why,...


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I haven't been diagnosed yet.

I have been diagnosed with diplopia, incontinence both, have no gait, balance problems. Chronic lower back and neck pain. Hypothyroidism, Carpal tunnel possible. Have nerve damage in hands, heel spurs.


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Lucid dreams during relapse

Does anybody else have incredible dreams, especially when they are relapsing? I recently had another lucid dream- it was brilliant and otherworldly! Perhaps the lucid dreaming is coincidental... Has anyone else experience of this sort of thing?
Wellington, England, United Kingdom