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Should I start treatment now or wait?

I have recently been diagnosed with mild MS having had two separate episodes in the last two years but the first of the 3 being 12 years ago. I have been offered to start medication but I am a bit apprehensive as I am symptom free atm and feel that I should wait to see if there will be another episo...




New to ms

Stiffness in legs! Excruciating pain in my feet, trouble going up and down stairs, pin and needle , weight gain!!!!!! I am on Copaxone! Need something for pain??? Not lyrica! Doctors trying not to prescribe pain medication! I just can’t see myself living with so much pain,


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Trouble Eating

Hey guys! For the last few months I have been dealing some digestive issues. I was diagnosed in July and in September I started having pretty consistent diarrhea and CONSTANT nausea. When I wake up I am nauseous and it genuinely persists all day. I saw my doctor in December to check for ulcers or ot...


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Am i crazy🤷‍♀️

Ok i asked my doctor but he was like 🤨 and maybe im just hearing thing but sometime my very back of my head makes a crackling like noise and it sounds weird but it seams like its coming from inside my skull and i dont think anyone else can hear this because i havent been around anyone when it happe...


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Any more tests

Got my second appointment with my neurologist tomorrow. After the first time i seen her, they sent me for bloods tests, had an MRI with contrast and my LP done. Is there anything else I'll need done? I'm hoping tomorrow will be to talk about putting me onto some treatment.
Swansea, United Kingdom


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Capaxone to tysabiri after a horrid year

Has anyone changed from this drug to the other? Since May this year had strong tingling in my body and now it’s still mostly in my hands. Anxiety through the roof which is being treated ish with cbt and duloxotine. Can a change in dmt help with mood too? They think Capaxone isn’t helping me atm


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Family not bothering

So I have another uti! Again! My mom rang me earlier and was like.... u got another urine infection haven’t you! I wish they would find out the cause of it!😱 well considering I’ve had ms for over 3 years multiple utis and 2 bladder cameras. The fact that her daughter has a disease and she hasn’t e...


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Covid vaccination and lemtrada

Hi, hope everyone is keeping safe and well. I will contact my ms nurse if no one has any experiences, but I was just seeing if anyone has any information or experience with having immunosuppressive therapy and having the covid vaccination. I work for the NHS so have been offered it. But I'm not sure...


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glossopharyngeal neuralgia

Hi! Anyone familiar with glossopharyngeal neuralgia? Hope so, it seems to be rare with MS, but it seems I possibly have it. Good day everyone!


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1 Minute anonymous survey preventative factors MS

My daughter is an A-level student researching whether MS can be prevented. She has a 1-minute anonymous survey to see if those diagnosed with MS have the same risk indicators as those identified in her literature review. If you're an MSer, please consider taking part in this short survey about Vit...