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Apparently you can’t use beef stew as a password, it’s not stroganoff
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MRI Advice please

I arranged my second MRI privately a couple of weeks ago as I had been waiting for NHS appointment for July which I hadn't received due to current delays. I'm waiting for the results of this scan which was to check if any new lesions had occurred since my original one in January which found lesion...



Just curious

Hi everyone I just wanted to know if there is anyone from Mauritius or knows about the medication for MS in Mauritius Google wasn't very helpful


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Does anyone else have an issue with itching? I have a patch on my shoulder that itches like mad when I'm stressed or anxious it drives me nuts xx
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LDN Anyone?

@Nicky13 I have started this new post as you have got me interested, and I have started reading about it. From what I can find out, it has helped alot of people so it's strange that we don't have access to it. It also apparently helps psoriasis which I have also got, so I am doubly interested. Anyon...


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Benign ms

Hello. I wanted to find out if anyone has had no relapses for years and then had a significant one. I was diagnosed in September 2019 with optic issues and a numb chin on one side but since then nothing. I am on Aubagio and have been well since. I feel like I am in some ways “free” of MS . If I have...


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Happy Yorkshire Day
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Lightheadedness and dizziness

Another post from me as I'm having a bad time with my MS this weekend. I keep getting these episodes of being really dizzy and light-headed. It feels like low blood sugar but my doctor and the clinic have screened me for diabetes several times and my blood sugar is always totally normal. I'm just wo...
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I'd love to know what challenges people face when the cognitive side of MS is a problem? Mines are, short term memory. Mixing up words (I'm dyslexic too) noise sensitivity. When I'm in company and there is 4 people speaking.... I don't hear a thing! My brain wants to leave the room🥴 patience (or la...
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Ok, so this is a strange thing to ask cos I'm always positive about my MS and I'll be damned if it gets in my way...but I've kinda decided to enter the dating pool again...thing is, unless I tell people, you don't know I have MS so do I tell people before I go on dates or after? My MS doesn't define...