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Headaches/Head & Neck Pressure

Hi All, Just looking for a bit of advice. For the last nearly 3/4 weeks I’ve been having the most awful feeling in my head (temples) and upper neck. Sometimes I would describe it as a head ache but more of the time I’d describe it as a pressure in my head specifically at my temples and my base of s...
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Antihistamine/steroid reaction?

Just wondering before taking the ocrevus infusion if anyone else had a reaction to the pre meds? I felt like I was going to pass out it was horrible and really scared for the 2nd infusion in 2 weeks


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Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy Was wondering if anyone has tried it Was it helpful or a waste of time Any feedback would be helpful.


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Anyone have any confidence tips or any tips for finding myself for someone newly diagnosed?I feel like I've lost all my confidence Thank you x


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Any tips to help me sleep.

Really struggling to sleep. Currently 33 weeks pregnant too, still can’t sleep. Any tips would be great.


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Managing worsening symptoms during menstruation

Hi all, I thought it might be good to reach out to the ms hive mind (the menstruating half anyway). My symptoms worsen during my period and all the relapses I have had have coincided with my period. I know from all the official info that this is quite common. How have others managed this? I stoppe...
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Leaving isolation

So I’ve had covid, been pretty mild with just a blocked nose. However, I’m still testing positive on lateral flows, but my isolation ends on Wednesday. Has anybody here tested positive past day 10 and is it ok to leave?


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I have seen people posting about the DVLA and PIP (UK disability benefit). I was told by my family that I could be looking into whether I can apply for a mobility vehicle. Has anybody applied for one of those and do you know how the application works? Has it been beneficial to you? And has it caused...


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Driving licence medical renewal

Hello. Is anyone else waiting forever to get their licence renewal back? I sent it back in August, my licence expired in October and I still haven’t heard from DVLA other than to confirm they got it. They are impossible to get hold of on the phone and don’t reply to emails. Anyone any idea how long ...
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Sleep issues coming off Amitriptyline.

Hi, I've been on amitriptyline for neuropathic pain for two year. I am now coming off as the drug over 40mg is giving me tachycardia. So I've reduced from 40 to 25mg daily over a course of 4 weeks, in the last week I have begun not sleeping, or constantly waking up throughout the night. Was anticip...
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