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Relapse or am I over worked?

Hi guys, Basically the last few days I have been so so exhausted I could barely get in the shower and then today I have woke up with MS hug returned. Like I don't want to freak out over nothing and I could just be so tired because at work I've done alot more hours and it very physically demanding f...


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Ocrevus time pass

Hiya, just wondered what everyone does during their infusion? What do you take to keep you occupied? Any suggestions will help!


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Things to do in an MRI!

So I've an 80 minute stint in an MRI in my future. Looking for all "fun" suggestions for ways to (mentally) kill time. All ideas highly welcomed!


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Legs feel weak

Hi ya, I'm new to this group. I was diagnosed in 2010. Fortunately I have not had any relapses, well not that I know of. But recently my leg muscle above my knee has felt like I've done a really hard work out but I haven't, and is feeling pretty weak and wobbly, could this be the MS? Or just arthri...


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Has anyone been on Rituxin i think thats

I think that is the name of it. You go one week for one appointment lasting about 5 hours and you go back a week later for another one and then once every 4 or 6 months??? I was curious to know if anyone is on it and what side affects do you have and were you worried about the chances of developing ...



Your experience with Rituxan/MabThera infusions?

Does anyone have experience being on Rituximab (Rituxan/MabThera) as DMT for their MS? I have RRMS, will be switching soon from Tecfidera to Rituximab. Kinda nervous about the transition cause I got relapses even while being on Tec. Would love to know what to expect, tips, side effects


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Accessing group and yoga support locally issues

So I thought I'd be proactive and find out which groups are running locally. There are two nearest to me (5 and 9 miles respectively) but I've been told by the organisers (funded by MS Society) that I cannot attend these and have to travel 30 plus miles since my care is not based at their local hosp...
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FES device advice please.

Hi does anyone know if the FES for drop foot is any good ? It’s my left foot it is dragging all the time and it won’t lift. PPMS I have, seems to drag constantly. And have had a good cry today as I fell over. Just wondered if anyone has please thank you.SJx
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Had my lumbar puncture 4 weeks ago..... How long did you all wait for results?
Edinburgh, United Kingdom