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I struggle daily with mental health due to my ms

Hello I’m Sarah 44yrs old. I got diagnosed nearly 5 yrs ago an I’m still struggling with it I just feel low all the time and wonder why I have it

My daughter has been just yesterday diagnosed with cauda equina syndrome and I feel like it’s my fault to


Hi, I feel bad and have guilt all the time. I was diagnosed a few years ago, and I still feel angry and frustrated. I question my life, is it something I have done, or is it something I was exposed to in the 90’s 🤷‍♀️. I think this is me still trying to blame something for my situation. I am definitely finding it hard to except. Unfortunately councilling is not offered as standard on the NHS. Sometimes, speaking with someone trained to listen can be helpful. MS charities can offer great support and advice. All the best.