MS Diagnosis

There is no one simple test to diagnose multiple sclerosis. Because MS is a complex neurological disease and a variety of symptoms can be linked to it, several tests and assessments may be needed to reach a diagnosis. You may have experienced MS symptoms for several weeks or perhaps even years, so a diagnosis could feel like a relief in some way, to finally have an answer. 

MS isn’t just a physical disease, the mental health challenges can be intense and difficult to manage, especially around diagnosis. You are not alone. Always speak to your healthcare team about your needs, and the MS community is here to support you. 

MS Diagnosis

So you’ve been (or might be) diagnosed with MS? What to do next and where to go for support

Learn more about MS

Diagnosis is a big step in your MS journey. It takes time to process and understand the impact MS may have on your life. A diagnosis opens the door to a lot of questions and you may need to make relatively quick decisions, with your healthcare team, about how you manage your MS going forward. 

Living with MS

MS is different for everyone. This is what you need to know for life after diagnosis   

MS Symptoms

MS begins with symptoms. Read up on common (and not so common) MS symptoms 

MS Treatment

MS is highly treatable for many people. Know your options to manage symptoms and slow progression

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