Our Films

We create innovative movies about multiple sclerosis to inspire and motivate MSers.


‘Gallop’ explores the life-changing event of diagnosis of MS through a compelling love story rather than solely focusing on the disease. It has been created to capture some of the emotions – fear, uncertainty and frustration – of diagnosis.

‘Gallop’ was directed by BAFTA nominated film director Michael Pearce and shortlisted for Best Short Film at Rushes Soho Shorts Festival.





‘Hidden’ is a short film that explores the hidden symptoms of MS through the eyes of a young woman. Hidden is a film inspired by the conversations of the www.Shift.ms community. Thank you to every one of our members who have shared their experience of hidden symptoms of multiple sclerosis and supported other MSers.




Animated Symptoms

From fatigue to feeling, tingles to tremors, Animated Symptoms sets out to share stories and experiences told by people living with symptoms of MS. Shift.ms captured case studies from a range of people with MS, who spoke about how MS symptoms affect them on a daily basis and gave advice to other MSers dealing with these symptoms.




The Commute

Three people, with different experiences of MS, take us on a daily journey we can all relate to – The Commute. Just as every person with multiple sclerosis is unique so is everyone’s commute, whether you work from home, have the school run or brave the train, the commute represents a time of transition and reflection.

The documentary follows three insightful individuals who – despite their circumstances – are adapting so they can carry on living the way they want to.





‘Belong’ features Dave and Karen, the characters from ‘Gallop’, in conversation with other MSers for the first time. They discuss symptoms, relationships and how MS can also have a positive effect on people’s lives and how belonging to a community may be more help than you’d think.



Circle of Truth

‘Circle of Truth’ is a multiple sclerosis movie exploring some of the challenges that MSers face when deciding whether or not to disclose their diagnosis to their colleagues.




Working it Out

In ‘Working it Out’, Gen talks to other MSers about their experiences of multiple sclerosis in the workplace and explores what practical adjustments she can ask her employer to make plus things she could do to make things easier.



Watch MSers share their experiences of diagnosis and meeting others and discuss some of the issues raised in our films, ‘Gallop’ and ‘Belong’.





6 MSers and 6 films

6 MSers talk about managing their MS symptoms and the impact MS has on their day-to-day life.




To share your experiences of MS or read about other people’s, visit our speakeasy forum.