The Buddy Network

Recently diagnosed with MS? We’re going to guess you have a whole heap of questions that you want answers to and Dr Google is not helping. And you’re probably trying to do all this research whilst on the most intense roller coaster of emotions. Stop right there, we can help.




What is the Buddy Network?

The Buddy Network connects someones newly diagnosed with MS with a Buddy, an ‘experienced’ MSer, to help them come to terms with their diagnosis and the isolation that this can bring.


The Buddy Network is international, and you can connect in a way that works best for you, whether this is in-person, over the phone or over WhatsApp.



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What can a Buddy provide?

• A friendly ear to listen to you

• Experience of being an MSer

• An unbiased outlook

• A non-judgemental approach

• Guidance on what resource to access to help you get clued up about MS

• Signpost you to reliable and reputable resources


“Really great to be put in contact with someone who lives with MS, has first hand experience and understands when my support networks aren’t always able too.” MSer


Become a Buddy

At the moment, we’re lucky enough to have a lot of Buddies to support newly diagnosed MSers. Anyone who applies will be added to a waiting list. 


You know what it’s like to have MS and the questions and emotions that go alongside dealing with diagnosis.


Find out what it means to be a Buddy and if you have the skills we need here.




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The Buddy Network is supported through a grant from The National Lottery Community Fund