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Mental health and ms

Yesterday my mental health took the better of me and I spent most of the day crying about how I feel and the fact that I'm stuck with ms. I feel useless to everyone. Has anyone been in this situation and what helped up with it (I'm a keen crafter but can't get my head into doing it) xx

Honestly, time. Your diagnosis is really new and I think most of us will have been the same. I saw a therapist (not helpful for me), kept a journal of all negative thoughts or emotions (surprisingly helpful), focused on a healthy lifestyle and accessing the best treatment I could. If it helps, things may not change that much for you. In a few months, I’ll be at my second year anniversary, and life doesn’t look different for me. I still have down moments but in the whole, things are fine.


I've just had the same kind of week, I was diagnosed recently and have been on an emotional roller coaster, I do think writing your feelings down help. Also seeing that I'm not alone helps me through, so thank you for writing this post ❤️