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MS and mental health

I’m going through probably one of the worst times of my life right now. The MS has stopped me doing and being the person I was. I’m having to adapt to being disabled. It’s frustrating and makes me angry with myself. It is changing me. I can’t really explain it. I feel it’s changed my personality, I have less patience now. I can’t be a proper grandma to my grandchildren. I can’t be anything at the moment. I feel completely useless, to my family and everyone around me. I cost the NHS over £10,000 a year for my MS medication. I feel completely useless to society. I’ve even considered driving fast into a tree. I feel so incredibly low.

Same case


Totally agree. Having MS turns everything upside down. Really scary. Psychologically I have had to change the way I think about my future. My partner and I had plans, and now I don’t know if I will be able to fulfil them in the future. I think I am meant to take one day at a time and practice mindfulness. Really hard! You might want to take a peek at the grieving cycle. It might apply 🤷‍♀️. MS damage can affect personality too. I am definitely more fiery. Could be a combination of diagnosis and MS lesions. Really difficult to distinguish.