Together, we can make sure the community is always here for every MSer who needs us. 

In these difficult times, it's more important than ever that MSers are there for each other and that the charity can continue to meet the increasing demand for support we see coming from all over the world.

We rely on donations to ensure the forum - and our other services - can continue to be available for every MSer who needs support, whenever they need it, no matter where in the world they might be, or what they might be going through.

It is especially crucial that we reach newly diagnosed MSers, and those who are not yet diagnosed, who are going through what we all know can be be a particularly tough time. We need to ensure the community continues to be that safe place they can turn to, where they can connect and share with people who understand what they’re experiencing and how they’re feeling.

Because the lived experience of this unique community of MSers means we can help them through.

So please help us to continue supporting MSers who are at the start of their ‘MS journey’, as well as anyone in who needs support along the way, by donating whatever you can today.

£36 is enough to help a new member through their first year.

You can donate in one of two ways:

Can I donate by cheque?

Absolutely. Please make your cheque payable to ‘’ and post to:, Platform, New Station St, Leeds, LS1 4JB, United Kingdom.

If you are a UK taxpayer, it would be amazing if you would take a minute to complete this downloadable Gift Aid Form and enclose it with your cheque, because doing this means can claim an extra 25% of your donation from the UK government, at no additional cost to you.

Payroll giving

If the company you work for is happy to set up payroll giving, you can donate to directly every month from your pay (which benefits you, because you won’t pay tax on what you donate).

Your employer will need to work with a recognised Payroll Giving Agency such as Charities Trust or CAF, which make it all super straightforward for them. Just download our Payroll Giving Form and present it to your HR Advisor.

Will my money have an impact on the community?

Absolutely. But we’ll let our members tell you that.