Welcome to Thought Sort, a tool to help MSers be kind to their mind using proven CBT techniques


We all have a big jumbled mess of thoughts in our minds. Feelings of being sad, mad or frustrated can creep in  – that’s natural. We jump from one thought to the next and don’t often give ourselves space to think about them. Tackling your thoughts alone can be hard.


Thought Sort will help you recognise negative feelings early on and learn to understand what is fuelling them and adapt, with a helping hand from the Shift.ms community.
Prof Rona Moss-Morris Professor of Psychology as Applied to Medicine at King’s College London who led the he tool development introduces the Thought Record:


There are three parts to Thought Sort:
The Thought Record – learn to identify different unhelpful thinking styles and watch some common examples from the Shift.ms community before recording your own with your own helpful guide.
Your thoughts will be saved, so next time you’re back in that feeling, log in and remind yourself how to adapt it. Keep coming back and recording your thoughts to practice the techniques.
Owl Support – it’s hard thinking about your thoughts, so don’t worry if you get stuck in the process, we have some Owls on hand ( Shift.ms community members in disguise) ready to support you as you work through the Thought Record.
Mood boosters – Need a break from all that thinking? Take a look at one of our activities and be kind to your mind.
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