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We're a global charity of 60,000+ MSers, so you’re not in this alone. Find connection, access 1:1 support and get advice from the people who understand what having MS is really like.

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Don’t wait until your next appointment to ask questions. Get proactive by searching topics that matter to you and watch, read or listen to our growing collection of MSer Stories.

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Getting diagnosed, symptoms, treatments, lifestyle adaptations and everything in between. Learn how other MSers dealt with their diagnosis and are managing their MS everyday.

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Got a pressing question? Ask the community in the live feed, have private conversations and feel secure knowing that support is just one tap away. Share your own experience to support other community members.

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Multiple sclerosis is unpredictable, we get it. With MS community insights, short-form video and stories written by real MSers, there’s plenty of ways to learn about living well with MS.

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Find a Buddy: Free 1:1 support

The Buddy Network connects you with an experienced MSer. Get emotional support, tailored advice, and coaching to make proactive decisions right from the point of diagnosis (and make some really good friends along the way).

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It's a community without having to leave your house. Everything we need is there, with information for a plethora of questions. Plus, it's private and accessible right on your phone.
- Kat, Cumbria UK
I would recommend [the app] to anyone newly diagnosed with MS. All the information about your MS is right there.
- Anthony, Staffordshire UK
Sometimes other [MSers] describe symptoms so similar to me that I have been unable to describe to anyone else. Sometimes I am the person that can help someone else... or at least listen.
- Laura, Minnesota US
You've come to the right place! We're all in the same boat here - it's rather like an extended family. It's my 'go to' site for MS knowledge and finding out about other people's experiences.
- Vikki, Newcastle UK
Your charity has given me my life back and every day I can see more of my pre-diagnosis self returning. I owe an amazing gratitude for that.
- Gemma, Hampshire UK

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We’re not a regular social network - we’re a small team, overseen by a board of trustees and we don’t have any investors or advertising partners. Our community is the driving-force behind

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