Is everything confidential?

Everything you write in Thought Sort is private. Our owls have access to Thoughts, so they can help you when you get stuck and you don’t have to repeat yourself when you ask for help.


What evidence is Thought Sort based on?

We’ve taken elements of saMS. An MS Society-funded project led by Prof Rona Moss-Morris. Watch here as Prof Moss-Morris tells you more:


I signed up to Thought Sort but am getting emails from Shift.ms. It’s confusing!

When you signed up to Thought Sort, you also became a member of the Shift.ms community. We send emails so you can familiarise yourself with the Shift.ms site and its features. You can see Shift.ms FAQs here.


I signed up to be part of the study but no longer want to be. How can I remove myself?

You can delete your profile or just stop using this part of the site.


After the research study has finished, can I see the results?

Yes, we’ll be emailing everyone in the study with a link to the summary evaluation on Shift.ms. It will be available later on this year.


If I leave Thought Sort what happens to what I have recorded?

All the thoughts you record are for your benefit and won’t be used for anything. The information we collect from the questionnaires you fill in will be used as part of the research study we are undertaking to see what benefits people get from using Thought Sort.


How do I delete my profile on Thought Sort?

You can delete your profile using the settings tab on your profile.


I want to change my guide. How do I do this?

Head to www.shift.ms/thoughtsort/tool-features and you’ll be able to update your guide. You’ll have to click next till you get to the Thought Record. We’ll be improving the site over time and this is on our list to develop! Any problems email [email protected]


I’m having problems accessing Thought Sort, what should I do?

Drop us a line at [email protected] with the problem -preferably a screenshot if you can and we’ll get our technical wizards on it.


My friend wants to use Thought Sort but doesn’t have MS, can they still join?

Thought Sort is aimed for people with MS. One of the requirements of taking part in the research study is that people have MS so they wouldn’t be able to take part. They may find some useful support here: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/online-mental-health-services/pages/introduction.aspx


I keep receiving emails about Thought Sort but I don’t want them. How can I make them stop?

We send you emails when we add new parts to the site and for feedback on how it’s going for you. We try to keep them to a minimum.


Why do I have to record my thoughts?

It may feel strange recording your thoughts, some people worry that by writing their thoughts down they might make them worse. You might also feel a bit silly, or think that your thoughts are daft or trivial.
No thought is too trivial to write down. You need to know what your thoughts are before you can start to address any of them.
This isn’t a test so don’t worry too much about getting it right, it’s an exercise in identifying your thoughts and their patterns and building your skills in recognising how your moods and thoughts influence your daily life.


My thought feels silly compared to the examples you’ve given.

There is no right or wrong way to think. This process is not about finding out all the ways you’re thinking wrong. However, some of your thoughts, especially unhelpful ones, are not always as logical as you may think. Learning to spot some of the unhelpful patterns in your thinking can be really important in helping you to manage your MS.
Our thoughts influence mood, behaviour and physical symptoms so it’s important to recognise some of our thoughts that affect us, and they are different for everybody.


I’m not really feeling the support my owl is giving me, what should I do?

Come and talk to us. We’ve just started this part of the site, so we’re still learning, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can do.


Using Thought Sort has triggered some really distressing thoughts and I feel like harming myself. What should I do?

Thought Sort is self-guided tool and we can’t provide immediate support for you. If you need help now, here are some organisations you can contact.

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