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Too stubborn for my own good about DMTs?

Hello everyone, I’ve been a member on here since 2008 after my neurologist recommended it to me but haven’t really been involved until now: I know there is not a full on correct answer to this- but I am revisiting the option of DMTs as my circumstances have changed- I’m all ears for any learned opinions… so am I right or wrong not to be taking any DMTs? I can track difficulties back to about 2001 but work and stubbornness led me to ignoring it all. I could no longer ignore the troubles in 2008 and was diagnosed in 2009. Which in some ways was a relief as I thought I was going mad. “Have I really forgotten how to walk properly?” Put off any DMTs then as I had to go to work; I had a business to run, people relied on me. My balance, walking difficulties, bladder problems and fatigue issues would just have to wait. I had at least 4 trains and 2 buses a day to get for the commute and most days ran the shop on my own. I already felt like rubbish and couldn’t risk any side effects leading me to feeling any worse or having body malfunctions at work or during the journey. Had another MRI in 2011 with no real differences picked up so just carried on. In 2011 the shop premises closed and so continued to work for the business from home. No commute was a joy, the no customer interaction and isolation was not. 2014 ended with the business I’ve worked for since 1988 folding, I believe this also awarded me a major relapse, I’m never one to complain or care, but I did phone my MS nurse this time. She arranged an urgent appointment, for as she noted “I knew it was important Mark, you never ask for help.”So 5 days of steroids woke me up again. Brief talk with my specialist this month about tecfidera has me looking on here again since my initial diagnosis in 2009. In all honesty however; I’m set in my ways, I’m so used to the general (poor) state of my well-being that I don’t want to experience anymore discomfort with the potential side effects. My disposition is I have a general indifference/apathy about what is overall happening to me, I know I should be more concerned about my future, but I really just don’t seem to care. I just can’t seem to raise any interest in the DMTs after all these (14?) years, of course I may have already left it too late anyway. Sorry to ramble on so much, just had to get it out there. (If I do not respond to any comments quickly I’m not being rude, I only have internet access when my laptop is on, I refuse to have the internet on my mobile, it’s just too distracting!)