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New on tecfidera+ depression

Hi guys, Took me so long to find the strength and admit that Ive got ms but i cant deny it anymore,so finally i am here talking to you guys...i feel u ll be the only ones understanding I am on tecfidera since dec2016 Ive been diagnosed in june2015, but I didnt want any treatment coz I truly believed I can manage it with vitamins,good diet and still living in a same way I was before. So had a course of steroids...they did help but it wasnt happening...as all became just too overwhelming, as being on a strict diet limited me so much, I started to be jealus about everyones life...my boyfriend was trying his best...but somehow it wasnt enough for me...i felt i am going down every day more and more, blaming him and everyone else including myself. There was another relapse in aug15... had another course of steroids....in february the symptoms flare up again...but i thought they will go away soon by themselves....but it wasnt happening...from april I started to get blurred vision on my left eye...but it would go after a while....i thought its because im just too tired! I was hiding,preffered to be alone than with ppl,constantly complaining...unhappy,scared...and than boom i woke up with blurred vision and vertigo...i never experienced nothing like that... I know its already too long now...I ll try to make it shorter. So my gp assumed i had inner ear infection so i got reffered to the ENT (waiting time 5months) my symptoms very getting worse and worse...could be alone but if my boyfriend would stay with me i would put all my anger on him! Now the symptoms faded almost completely...but my bad feelings stayed .... i was a flight attendant on long haul operation...which i had to give up...now im in the office on temporary assistent job....which i should be satisfied....but i am not...im just too tired...cant cope with it ...seeing my boyfriend having a normal life...he prefers to go than be with me...feels like he has someone else by now.... Could you please let me know how your partners,family friends deal with you and this situation. I am constantly cancelling meetings with friends ..im just too tired...too stressed,cant focus. Does anyone takes antidepressants with tecfidera? I believe i am in a horrible depression...:( Did the psychotherapies or any other therapies helped? I appreciate every single word... Thank you so much With love