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My experience of using cannabis as an alternative to using prescribed drugs to aid my MS symptoms. Having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in April 2004, I have gone through Relapsing Remitting (RRMS), Secondary Progressive (SPMS) and now for the past couple of years find myself at the Primary Progressive (PPMS) stage of MS. Approximately 5 years ago, I had to start using a motorized wheelchair fulltime due to the amount of falls I was experiencing and for my own safety. Approximately 2 years ago, due to reoccurring bladder problems, I was fitted with a Super Pubic catheter, which I must admit has been a blessing. This procedure alleviated the struggle to empty my bladder, making life a lot more comfortable. During this time I was on quite a daily cocktail of prescribed drugs; Antibiotics for infections, other drugs for spasticity, mood, spasm control, constipation, nerve calming and an assortment of pain killers of varying strengths. In November of 2017 I started to get regular Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) which meant trying different antibiotics and every time I started a course or finished one having to keep changing my catheter so not to infect my bladder again. This process continued for approximately 5 months before I had basically had enough and had lost faith in my GP and Continence Team, trying and failing to cure the infections. During this time I had tried CBD oil which had absolutely no affect on the recurring infections, so then I decided to try full cannabis. Having researched cannabis, I wanted to avoid the THC high produced when cannabis is smoked or baked so decided to ingest it as a brew instead. The method I have used for the past 6 months is putting half a teaspoon of ground cannabis in a small amount of boiling water each evening, letting it stand and brew for 5 minutes, before drinking it leaves and all! The results for me by using this small amount of Cannabis each day are amazing and are as follows: I no longer have UTI infections, therefore antibiotics not needed. I no longer have spasticity or spasms, therefore removing another 2 drugs. I no longer have constipation, therefore another drug removed. I no longer have raw painful nerve endings, yet another drug removed. I no longer have reflux issues, another drug gone. And as a result of no more pain, another 2 drugs removed. I personally have gone from taking 10 different drugs to now using only 2, and if I am able I will lose those as well leaving me drug free. The Government are at the moment looking to legalize Cannabis for medicinal use by the Autumn of this year (2018) to help with many conditions, aside from simply using Cannabis for MS, this cannot happen quick enough for me to help so many suffering needlessly. I write this as a human interest piece, with no recommendation from myself to use Cannabis not advised by a Medical Professional. @Paul   I’m Paul Griffiths and have been living with MS for the past 15 years, my blog www.ms-warriors-and-talk-matters.com allows me to express my views by sharing information with others on healthy living, diet, latest research, and raise awareness of both MS and mental health issues amongst our local and national MS communities. Whether newly diagnosed or an MS veteran, meeting others in similar circumstances is liberating and helpful to deal with and discuss the many problems and symptoms which our disease presents. Knowing your not alone and there are people to talk to is invaluable.



Hi @paulgriffiths, that is quite some story! It’s really useful that you’ve explicitly listed the before and after effects of cannabis on you as a whole. I hope you stay well; will follow the legalisation process carefully........all the best :-)



Hey, @paulgriffiths Glad to hear from an "MD Veteran", thanks for a link to your blog, will take a look soon! btw. "I have gone through Relapsing Remitting (RRMS), Secondary Progressive (SPMS) and now for the past couple of years find myself at the Primary Progressive (PPMS) stage of MS." Can you be both RRMS and PPMS? And SPMS and PPMS? Am I confusing something?



@gijs , as far as I'm aware, MS usually manifests itself as either Relapsing Remitting (RRMS), so periods of relapse and remission, or Primary Progressive (PPMS), with no defined relapses and remissions. RRMS can transition to Secondary Progressive (SPMS), when recovery from relapses is no longer evidenced. You wouldn't transition from SPMS to PPMS. More details here :- https://www.mstrust.org.uk/about-ms/what-ms/types-ms



Beg to differ my friend, when you have an aggressive form of ms as I do all stages are rapid and innevitable. Unfortunately.



According to my nuero it is RR becomes SP whilst PP stands on it own. If, according to your summary, being initially diagnosed as having PP, I want my money back as I have missed out!



@paulgriffiths Hi So, I am not the only one who was given the label of "Rapid" when diagnosed with SPMS a year ago, good to know. As far as the Cannabis Meds go, I'm very dubious about them, just give me pure Skunk.



Hi l would like to say that I take cbd in coconut oil it also has thc and works for me l will keep taking it as long as it helps me



Hi Amber, glad to hear the oil is working for you.



Paul can I please ask some advice, I have tried a tincher (if that’s what it is called) only on day 3 so far. I have slept so well, no broken sleep but my pain and muscle fatigue could possibly be worse, but hard to tell if that would have been the case anyway as I feel another cold coming on. When did you first get any relief from it, was it straight away or a few weeks?



Dear @paulgriffiths, I am sorry to be a pedant, but the clue is in the name Primary Progressive. It's called that because it's something that happens first, unlike secondary progressive, which is a follow-on. That said, your messages about cannabis use, are very interesting. It's always nice to hear positive news. I only hope that by the time I reach that stage, if ever, research and legislation can let us put cannabis to good use. All the best, and Merry Christmas. Jon