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Avonex worries & general rant

So my first injection is on weds, stressed without meaning to be if that makes sense. Anyone want to give me some good tips? I have my pain relief and big water bottle ready! Luckily my boss is okay with everything and doesn't mind if I have to go home. It's at noon, should I eat before I go (normally wouldn't eat till 1 ish)? Should I avoid booze too? (girly get together coming up) I'm sure I will think of more questions when my brain is less frazzled.. I sent my DLA application week before last, even though they say 6-8 weeks I got my reply today of nothing being awarded, even though nearly everything she said I didnt need I do. Its no wonder so many people feel fed up, DWP probably do this to discourage people to appeal, luckily I work in an advice center and know better!