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New Member from Portugal :)

Hi everyone! My name is Ines, I'm 25 and I live in Portugal. I'm a new member and I was really happy to find this site :) I found that I have MS in November 2011, so this is something that is recent for me, and I still fell anxious every monday when I have to take the Avonex :P lol. In Augost 2008 I noticed that my left hip and part of my leg was feeling numb, I went to the doctor and she say that was nothing...maybe a back problem and told me to go swim. After 2 months of feeling that numbness it sudendly stop. But after 6 months after I did a walk to my work my left leg stated to feel tingling, but I thought that was just my "back problem". One month later I woke up and felt really dizzy, and this didnt stop for 2 weeks...went to doctor, did a ear exam... "Maybe you're tired, don't worry it will stop". Yes, it stoped... but my left leg until today, everytime I walk for 5 minutes, the moment that I stop the tingling starts again... October last year I went to a Neurologist and after 10 minutes explaining my story, he suspected right away (but didnt tell me) i did exames...that I never heard of. When I was waiting for the results I had a relapse again (nausea and dizzyness) and 2 days after, my doctor called me to go to hospital in that day, and I asked him if he already knew wht it was the problem, and he said he wasnt sure and I needed to go to stay on the hospital for a few days and do a LP. My hart jumped..."LP? but...do you think I have MS??" he replied like he didnt want to tell me " It may be...". When I hang up the phone, looked at my husband and started to cry so much... My idea of MS wasn't the same as today, and like me in that time, there's a lot of people that dont know what is MS. When I tell people they think that probably in a few days I'm going to be on a wheelchair or die -_-' xx