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Stopped treatment....feel fantastic...is this normal?

Hi everyone! So i was on Extavia for a year and had to come off it in september as it was damaging my kidneys. I was really worried about stopping the medication as i'd had various continuing symptoms for the whole year i was taking it and didnt want to relapse. However after 4 weeks of being drug free i started to feel better. In the last month i have felt amazing. My insomnia is gone, as are the pins and needles and balance problems. My fatigue had diminished to almost nothing and i feel like my head is clear for the first time in nearly 2 years. My husband is overjoyed as he has his wife back (and the house has never been so organised!) So of course i'm worried haha i keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and something bad to happen. My Gp and MS nurse tell me not to worry and to just enjoy it so i will but i wanted to ask if anyone else has ever experienced the same thing??? does it last????????? My neurologist is fantastic and we had agreed that i would start a diffrent course of treatment once i had been off the extavia for three months but now i dont know if i want to take anything else.........any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated.