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Pregnancy vs adoption

Hi all, A little bit of history: I was diagnosed with very active RRMS 3 years ago, I relapsed every 2 months until lemtrada a year later, except I was in a disabling relapse at the time which paralysed me from the waist down. My husband was my carer and had to do everything for me for a period of a few months and I've been gradually getting stronger and am still improving now. I can walk into shops and just use my chair for supermarkets/days out/around town etc. I went back to work. I do housework. Yes I have my bad days but who doesn't with MS? My MS team have always said there is no reason we shouldn't have our own child, but it seems that my husband feels that the risk of relapsing is too high and thinks adoption is the 'safer' route to go down. Has anyone been in a similar situation? I have always dreamed of carrying a baby, and our plan was always to have a biological child first and adopt our second. My gut is telling me I wouldn't ever be able to forgive myself if I didn't at least try getting pregnant. Any advice would be helpful, thanks :)