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Diagnosis, relationship, break-up, rant, etc...

I recently went through a #breakup after a 3-year long #relationship. I think my diagnosis hit my partner really hard... harder than it hit me. She didn’t know how to deal with the sadness I was feeling for almost a year. She really wanted to help she really wanted to be there for me but didn’t know how, and that made her feel helpless. It drained her and sucked the life out of her... Though I kept telling her that I just needed her presence, and that it was enough for me. I didn’t need her to ease my pain, I knew it was a matter of time until I get used to my “new” me and accept it. She already had a lot going on but we were inseparable and we really loved each other and I fully supported her and helped her through #addiction and #withdrawal… But that was before my diagnosis and before I “broke” (Diagnosed in 2020). And the Covid burden made everything much worse of course. Man… MS SUCKS… I am almost 100% functional and athletic! (except for the right-side #weaknesses - the occasional #SlurredSpeech - the moderate #fatigue and the infamous fu*cking #BrainFog) but even with minimal #disability I feel the heavy MS weight as I #progress year after year. ( #Diagnosed in September 2020) It's so incredibly disheartening to expect to have a normal life and then have that fall apart. As time and my illness progress, the prospect of relying on others to the point that it becomes an inconvenience to them routinely keeps me up at night. And as I write this small paragraph, I feel my right arm giving up on me. This song makes me think of the risk you take when you fall in love. Sometimes you find someone who lets you breathe and shine. Sometimes you connect with someone who is lost and you lose yourself too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImKY6TZEyrI

I am sorry about your breakup. Having MS, even at an almost fully functional level is still not an easy task. It sounds like she tried to understand but was concerned she couldn’t do enough for you, it’s a hard pill to swallow. Hopefully you find someone who understands and candle the silent partner, MS, in the relationship.