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Making the first DMD choice

Hi everyone. i'm so pleased I came across shift.ms :). I'm Andy and diagnosed with RRMS a month ago. As i'm sure you all know, i'm on a complete rollercoaster right now but i'm feeling positive and focused on getting on the right DMD's (along with diet, vitamins and managing stress etc). I've done lots of research and spoken with the MS team, but i'm really finding it difficult to choose between Ocrevus and Tysabri. Has anyone else had the same dilemma? I've read that Ocrevus is highly regarded as an effective option with minimal side effect but also that Tysabri is one of the most aggressive form of treatment (taking into account the potential PML issue). Any help / tips you're able to offer would be really appreciated. I'd really like to connect with others in this community - power in numbers and all that, so please get in touch :). A slight overwhelmed, Andy. #dmd #dmt #rrms #newlydiagnosed

I admit I'm intrigued you have a choice. My doctor put me on a DMD and that was it, I just did it


I recently started ocrevus and have been feeling really well. The week after infusions was pretty rough but it soon passed. Since then I have not noticed any MS symptoms so I am keeping everything crossed this continues until the next infusion x