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Newly diagnosed with RRMS

Just thought I'd say hi and give a bit of background. I was diagnosed with CIS back in October 2016 at 49 years old after some very sudden numbness from my toes to my waist. Came as a huge surprise as I considered myself fit and healthyish, I had ran 10 miles the day before my symptoms started. Fast forward to Jan 29th 2019 and I got diagnoses with RRMS following numerous MRI scans over the two year (which showed numerous lesions on my brain and upper thoracic spine) and a lumbar puncture (which was clear). I've been given some meds to research and think about. Tecfidera, Lemtrada, Plegridy and capoxone. I know meds aren't one size fits all but any feedback would be useful. Still getting my head around the diagnosis at times. Thanks. Steven.