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Travelling With Meds

Hi. What's your experience of travelling with Meds? It's always a big concern for me. I'd love to hear some ideas for keeping meds cool whilst travelling etc. My experiences are the following: 1) Camping in the UK a couple of years ago. Spent most of the long weekend moving my bag of meds (Betaferon & needs to be kept below 25 deg C) around to keep cool. Was a nightmare in the end as it was a really hot spell. I tried a mains cool box but this was tricky. 2) Went to a hot place on long haul last year. 8 hour flight and sailed through UK border control with my letter from my MS nurse and one from my GP. 3) Just got back from a week in Menorca. Really easy this time (think I'm mastering the issue a little :) ) - I packed the meds in a small cool bag with a few ice packs and placed in a ruck sack. I took an empty large plastic bottle in the bag as well. The ice packs kept them cool until the end of the flight. One the place I got the stewardess to fill up the bottle with ice and this acted as a secondary cooler to get from the destination airport to the hotel. Got to the hotel and then put in the fridge. Choosing a holiday is always hard. My wife looks for the location / transfer times / costs etc. My no 1 priority is - does the room have a fridge. I can live with any other attributes :) Matthew



Hello, I know what you mean about keeping medication cold. When I travelled (7 or 9 hour flights) Copaxone was meant to be kept cold all the time. I packed it with icepacks into a small bag, just big enough to keep the meds I needed safe, for the long wait to catch the international flight. I made sure I had a letter from my GP stating what medications I had so that I could get through security with few hassles. Once I was on the plane, the stewardess was able to put my medication bag into one of their fridges for the duration of the flight. They gave it back just before we began our descent.



I worried about it when I went to America. I took ice packs and stuff, but my MS nurse and Bupa told me that the Avonex is okay out of the fridge for about a day at normal temps, so the flight would be okay as long as I got it into the fridge when I got to the hostel.For a short, 1 week trip, apparently it would be okay for me to miss my injection, just not two weeks in a row.



I was on Copaxone which can be taken out of the fridge 7 days before being used so travelling wasn't that bad - never went longer then 7 days. My favorite thing was by the 3rd year after the liquids scandal had calmed down the check in people would never ask if I had sharp objects and the security people never questioned my sharp object or the fact they had liquid in them - I always forgot to put them in the clear bag. Every journey was a slight security concern! ;)