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Recent Diagnosis - DMTs

Hello, so this week I have my second opinion from a consultant and been diagnosed with RRMS. I am 29 and currently have symptoms of pins and needles in both legs and random spasticity that come and goes in my calfs, feet and around my waste line. At the beginning of this relapse I had the occasional struggle to find words, dizziness and miss placing my feet. During a 5 day course of steroids I went down hill and got to the point where I was fighting to walk with the accompaniment of bladder issues. The other 2 relapses they are counting were visual and lasted a week in late 2016(nystagmus) and a few days early this year(slow vision in one eye). My Neuro is recommending either Ocrevus or Lemtrada. I am having a really tough time making this decision. I have lead a relatively stressful life up to now being self employed since 2009, although sometimes I feel like I'm programmed to stress/worry. It's great that something that appears as successful as Lemtrada is available to me but the odds on the side affects are massively putting me off, leading me down the path of denial. I was setting myself up to be offered injections or tablets if I was lucky. I am not a gambling man and this is a gamble all ways round it seems and worries me further that I am a smoker with the classic cough and occasional chest pains that I will be more susceptible to things going wrong if I have treatment. Appreciate any opinions and advise Thanks Phil