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More small relapses = less dissability?

Hi guys! I just watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqY-_K1fYJY, shared by Dr. Terry Wahls. It's 16 minutes long. Could you find time to watch it and tell me if what I got from it is true? Am I getting this right: small relapses over a long period of time equals less dissability in the long term? As with earthquakes, if there are more little ones, the big one is avoided? A sort of eliberating the brain tension accumulated prior to each relapse? Are meds an useless poison? Thank you! Update on MS Dx: My new neuro dx-ed me with CIS, and yesterday I took another group of blood tests, to check certain antibodies that might cause the results thought to be MS. If they come out negative, the next step could be LP, to analyse the presence of the oligoclonal bands in my CRF. Meeeh, so... still in limboland for now. Not so bad. Have been reading a HUGE ammount of info about MS, the brain, neuropsychology and lots of interesting stuff. Thinking on how to better share some of it with you guys (if some of you need it, of course). In two weeks time I will again see my neuro and discuss MS goody stuff :)) In the meantime, my right eye (which started all the fun!) was upsetting me again. I counterattacked with exercise, glasses and chia seeds, fish and vit D suplements. All good now! God, I forgot not to write such loooong posts! :)) Thank you for your patience if you got this far! ;)



Hi @Denisa , I watched that video, although I might need to watch it again. The message I seem to get from it is that DMDs don't alter the outcome. That wouldn't surprise me as data for long term usage was difficult to acquire at the outset. Like I say, I need to watch it again. Hmmm, a diagnosis of CIS, seems to be the medical synonym of "Singular Sclerosis". The LP is just another test to add to the other evidence, as you say, to check for the oligoclonal bands. It all takes time.....



For someone who rants about DMDs, Dear Dr Terry skims over the fact she is on Tysabri quite nicely... (Sorry, rant over). Denisa - it is a crappy time limbo-land. A restless place that it is so hard to find peace in anywhere. Big hugs xx I am like you and researched a lot. It is best to make informed decisions, knowledge is power, but it can also be scary. I went to ACTRIMS/ECTRIMS about 2 weeks ago, and for what it's worth there was a talk on life style (specifically different diets), and their effect on MS. The results (over 2000 patients), showed pretty much zilch for any diet being better then another BUT it did show that those who were a healthy weight had better outcomes them those who were obese, and the link here was very very strong. There was some data on certain foods being a good idea (anti-oxidant, low-salt etc) but some of that data they were still analysing. For my part, I have been vegetarian or vegan my whole life (having grown up with hippy vego parents, keen on the no additive, gluten etc etc diet). I still got MS, and I still have MS. DMDs have slowed things down, for me, i believe. But I am overweight and one thing this research has done (so far, hope I keep it up!) is motivate me to get off my butt (even with my crutches), and try to loose weight. 1.5kg in 2 weeks... Only 20 odd to go...) :-) (and don't stress about big posts, I am a queen at them LOL) Jas