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Hello friends. What a week! 10yrs of not being dx, diffinalty ended Sunday. First let me start off by introducing myself. I’m almost 41, military wife, mother, grand mother. 10 yrs ago my husband was deployed. I was working fulltime raising norm. Long story short, eye sight went in left eye, major head ache, leg tremors, spots on MRI, negative spinal, steroids, weakness. 3 neurologist over few years where unsure of MS. “Wanted to wait for another flair up. Lesions where there just not in part of brain that is considered MS”. Thursday, similar situations. At work, mind you my husband is again away for military training, eye sight starts to go at beging of words, migraine, n 2 hours later I struggled to talk by Friday I was not able to lift my right leg off the bed.
Neuro said MRI showed small lesion n it is MS. I dont believe he specializes in MS but prescribed me Tecfidera. While laying here I seem to second guess everything. 1st 10 yrs ago drs chalked my symptoms up to ” stress of husband being deployed” made me feel like i was lying, attention seeking. My husband has never seen me at my weakest point with all these issues. Yes, weakness, fatigue, issues with heat but never bed ridden like this. There is a part of me diffinatly fearful to explain my symptoms n situation due to being labled attention seeking or untruthful. 2nd despite knowing POSSIBLY I could have MS is totally different then having MS. IM surprised on my emotions. 3rd my last dose of IV steroids was 4 days ago n I have been sleeping since. In so sick of being tired! When do I know I can start taking walks n implementing small excersise, without over doin it? Am I even being realistic? My baseline is over doing everything!! So many questions…. thanks for letting me share.

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6 months ago

@nellycruz share all you like, that’s one of the things we’re here for. You have a lot going on at the moment. Wait until the steroids take full effect, then someone here will answer all your questions. We have a lot of msers over the pond in your neck of the woods and I’m sure they will be in contact.

6 months ago

Nellycruz, my you have had an ordeal, I am not sure where to start but to say Hi and let you know that your on the right site for help and advice. I will start by giving you my monthly blog details on there you will read my move back to the UK, my failure on my first drug and the use of CBD which I know is a talking point over the pond, then my acceptance of this illness called MS. I try to be positive and I hope give an idea of life with MS, have a read, my contact details are there, feel free to contact and good luck

6 months ago

Hi @nellycruz and welcome.

We’ve all got tales to tell regarding our pre-diagnosis struggles. It’s the nature of the beast.

The recent steroids will be working with your body over the next 6-8 weeks to help you recover from this latest episode. So, rest up and allow your body to effect this recovery.

Gentle exercise would be useful for you. Just take it very gingerly.

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