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have to attend a 2nd pip tribunal

Where do I even start to explain ! I applied for pip in November 2014 , almost 23 months ago & since last December when I had my first tribunal for it , they have never provided me with the full statement of reasons to justify their refusing my claim Incidentally they awarded 4 pts in both categories , with a brief statement on the refusal citing just 2 documents out of so many . So I spent since April this yr chasing up the tribunal 'team ' to be told that there was a delay but it would be dealt with and to call them back if I hadn't received the full statement of reasons by mid May..., ok I thought , but then it just continued with the team apparently reminding the relevant judge of my case numerous times , lost tract of how many times I was told this. Then a judge said my case was with the regional judge (?) and that the reasons would be provided in a FEW days , that was in July . How long is a few days ? It became a few Wks ! Then I got my legal advice person to try and help, I know she wrote something to them, trying to get them to provide the reasons , but instead their response was ' to put it to one side' I may not have worded that correctly , but it meant that they acknowledged that they ADMITTED something on their part to do with PROCEDURAL IRREGULARITY & they have now decided to cancel the decision that was made in early Dec 2015 and force me to have to go through another tribunal in 2 Wks . Their reason for cancelling the previous decision ( refusal) was because THE JUDGE COULDNT PROVIDE THE STATEMENT OF REASONS ! My legal advice person proposed that they actually award it , but they chose not to. But this case has gone on for 23 months so far and i like others ,know the suffering it is causing upon myself and my kids ( am single parent ) Does anyone have any experience of this particular situation. It is repeat tier 1 tribunal, not tier 2 . I understand the pip questions inside out , and I understand the descriptors , yet part of my difficulty is that I have other ( invisible ) conditions too & I feel when they look at me they just seem to make the wrong assumption that I look fine ,so I must be fine . irrespective of what is on paper in front of them . My consultant wrote that Im a complex case because I have other conditions too, yet he never writes anything portraying how difficult everything is for me. I was awarded electric wheelchair from local hospital last yr, but I can't have it because my front door is too narrow & can't be widened Can't have stairlifts , am expected to move home instead ,which hasn't happened yet ( I live in a housing association 3storey house & live on the bottom floor in the diner area of kitchen .have had O/T assessment and states I need a single level property with automated communal doors & a/ c & wet room . Have no car presently since March last yr , when my 10 yr old car i had went to scrap yard, desperately need car, am largely housebound , because of no car , have blue badge since 2013 & just renewed this summer ( had to fight for it as well with local council) . Have letter from consultant last. Yr stating I need constant carer , but have no help , because that dept thinks I'm going to move to a adapted flat in a different borough, so they say they won't help & that was for direct payments for preparing and cooking meals & housework ( which I know isn't part of pip) . but I also got awarded ESA support group last October , with no face to face required , based on my medical docs alone. I have no trust that any of the pip team / tribunal people understanding my reality, my other conditions they never heard of yet are equally as debilitating as ms ,just with different names that most people have never heard of let alone know what it is. One question I'd like to ask is re the journey planing question , I read previously that if you are not able to complete it on public transport , then it's deemed as you are unable to do it . Does anyone know if this is so? Because I've not been able to use public transport since 2012 Incidentally even though I only received my diagnosis last yr at age of 46 , consultant thinks Iv had it 20 yrs , rewinding to A 2 Wks eye issue I had that self healed ,with no intervention , yet it was diagnosed as detached retina ( wrong dx is thought now ) . Also consultant who is ms consultant was seeing me for the last 5 yrs in a different clinic he has, yet couldn't spot ms infront of him & even stated to rule out any emerging pathology when I was eventually sent for head mri! So I don't feel that he necessarily has correct dx even now , because he initially said RR & then after he saw my 6 mnth later 2nd head mri , he changed it to end of RR and SP.... This was because I disputed I had RR at all, cos I Wasn't having relapse hardly at all may 2012 ( major , no improvement /recovery )- Nov 2014 (pseudo ) relapse caused by viral cough & then Feb 2015 ( pseudo (?) again caused by pharyngitis ) . But I do t even have good days , re all the deteriorations Iv had . Also after birth of 2nd child 12 yrs ago - debilitating temperature intolerance ,which I have every day , no days off . So earliest start date of ms could have been 24 yrs ago , with the temp intolerance 12yrs ago & then the big one that affected my mobility after I had my 3rd child 5 yrs ago , no improvement at all from that . I have relapse or deterioration presently eye pain & worsening of right leg issues . How does that look to you all, because Iv only been aware of ms for just over a yr...previously I had l'hermittes sign ( pre diagnosis )when I tilted my head downwards & from Internet search ms was the result - but when I read about ms, it seemed to say you would have eye issue , which I didn't have ( thought it meant permanent eye issue , but many other symptoms fitted & I even had told the consultant of every symptom I had , but he didn't seem to be listening . I was offered dmd last yr, but I didn't feel I had RR , which consultant then agreed with , but then I had mri this July showin new lesion, ad. Consultant seems to have gone back to RR , even though I know you can still have or not have relapse switch SP can't you ? Sorry long msg, but I have little opportunity to write , so when I'm able to I need to ask more than one thing . I know I have cognitive difficulties too since the last cpl of yrs & feel it's yr, but in terms of the tribunal I have to attend with no support , I'm worried ,because I can't think on the spot , I need long time to think , consultant wrote I reported cognitive difficulties on end of a clinic letter , but that was it no assessment of it Is there an assessment they can do to gague anything re your cognitive difficulties , nothing was offered , but my first mri was only done because I asked for it repeatedly ... Thank you for patiently reading

@thinkfree , I feel there are a couple of issues here. Primarily, the PIP assessment process. We've all heard horror stories about the incompetence and inequality of this process. Without hesitation, I would get your MP involved. They're aware of the problems within the DWP and should be able to "rattle a few cages". Your MP should also be able to help with your living arrangements/social care. As far as the handling of your medical conditions, have you considered being referred for a second opinion? You may want to discuss this with your GP, as your Primary Care Provider. They should be on your side too. You may also want to refer to this recent conversation about PIP, https://shift.ms/forums/topic/pip-screwed-me-over-surprised , for some other ideas. There's also the MS Society Helpline (0808 800 8000), who may have some suggestions for you. I hope this is of some help to you.


All very good advice from @Stumbler - do take it up. It's especially important you get the appeal hurried up, because I read on the Benefits and Work forum that the DWP is set to change the system, making it unlikely you would be able to appear in person to put your case. xx