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In need of some positive thinking :)

Hi am new to this site and don't know what I am really doing :( I have not yet received a diagnosis , I have my first brain MRI this Saturday. I had a spinal MRI nearly a year ago after some leg symptoms that lasted around 6 weeks and nasuea and off balance that was diagnosed as vertigo by my GP. By the time I had the scan these symptoms had long disappeared and my scan was all clear. After discussions with my neurologist I decided to leave it at that and see if anything happened in the future, I agreed visits every 6 months just to make sure everything was ok. But around 12 months later just after christmas I suddenly had double vision and was in a bad way, I was so scared but MS never even crossed my mind. It was the orthoptist who finally told me that I had right internuclear ophthalmoplegia, she had to tell me quite a few times this was something neurological for it to sink in and I then cried when realisation hit me! It took me 5/6 weeks to recover and I had a patch on one of my lenses so I could try and get on with looking after my 2 children and working. I am really upset that it has taken this long to finally get a scan and I am terrified of the results, I know that I have MS but sometimes I forget. I haven't really decided what I will do after diagnosis, I hate taking any medication and have been thinking of trying to slow the progression down with diet and lifestyle change. I don't really hear of any positive stories so if anyone has any please share with me and give me some hope :) x