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Police arrest ,MS sufferer!

I am an am an ms sufferer and was only recently diagnosed with primary progressive MS, I am unable to walk and use a wheelchair to move around.I also live on my own. On tuesday the 8th of July their was several gentle knocks at my front door at 1.30 in the morning. I was asleep in bed and awoke to this knocking. Stupidly i opened the door to discover two well known thieves and junkies they asked if I had any cannabis to which i immediately told them too f**k off, they then attacked me and forced their way into my home. I pulled myself to my feet using a handrail in my house and grabbed a knife from the kitchen, ready defend myself, i screamed some violent imagery at them t hey screamed, left the house and called the police on me. Their was no straight path to reach the phone to dial 999. The police arrested me in my pj's. I was made to sit in an overheated cell in my wheelchair for over 12 hours. I was talking to court where I pled not guilty to assault and breach of the peace. I live in Hawick in the Scottish Borders and I was attacked and almost robbed, the police handcuffed me in my wheelchair and took me away from my home and my dog. I have made a written complaint about my treatment but as yet havewk received no response. They police were overly heavy handed, showed a complete lack of concern for my safety, i was utterly shocked at how utterly ignorant the police were regarding my MS, rolling their eyes as if i was making up excuses not to be arrested. All I DID WRONG WAS ANSWER MY FRONT DOOR. IF I DIDNT REACT THEY WAY I DID I IM SURE I WOULD HAVE BEEN ROBBED AND WORSE. this story has already apeared in the local Hawick news, at least one of my attackers have appeared in the local papers for robbing two local stores at knife point.