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Energy and insomnia.

Hey fellow MSers, i was diagnosed going on 8 year now, my ride has not been a fun one. No one ever believed me when i was feeling off with my body...but recently i was also diagnosed with some rare issues and other issues to add to my list unfortunately...“ (cvid,bronchiectasis,pai4g blood clot,mthfr genetic mutation, and more to be determined) I just started with an immunologist , her and my neuro agreed i will no longer doing ms treatment but will be starting an immune therapy called hizentra. (hopefully next week) I’m very active i work full time on my feet for 10 hour days, i like to workout, do martial arts, yoga, being outside or anything to that nature. I try to stay on a healthy diet to relieve symptoms. I also suffer from severe depression and anxiety now. No w my body’s getting exhausted and worn out. I’m having a very hard time with sleep let alone keeping energy up without chugging coffee. Ive also tried sleeping pills in the past and take a lot of melatonin or cbd before bed and still i can’t sleep. I’ve talked to my drs and they gave me the same advice or just ignore it. They also can’t guarantee the hizentra will help with this. I’m just getting very impatient and frustrated at this point. Do you guys have any recommendations that have worked for you with insomnia and trying to get up your energy? Or if anyone has ever tried this immunotherapy?? Thank you in advance!!

@cassidylb , wow, that's a scary list of potential conditions. You'd be an excellent casework for medical students. Hmm, Hizentra, that's a new one on me. But, I see it's to try and address one of your other non-MS conditions. I would say that insomnia and lack of energy would go hand-in-hand. Resolve the insomnia and you should then be energised. There's an article about sleep problems here :- https://www.mstrust.org.uk/life-ms/wellbeing/sleep I hope this helps and wish you well.


Hi cassidylb :) ! I am sorry to hear that about the beginning of your MS journey. Insomnia is terrible since the next day it will affect your energy and then you end up feeling so tired throughout the day. I know you have stated that you are on a diet but that is really important for energy. I noticed once I did the change to gluten free / dairy free it made a difference. Of course a lot of greens gives you a boost of energy. I use to have 3-4 cups of coffee a day and once I was diagnosed I brought it down to 1 (very very hard for me to do lol). It helped because I would always be crashing after all of the cups & caffeine does not help my symptoms. I would also use CBD oil and drink Sleepytime tea or Chamomile tea, which are calming and relaxing teas. Maybe creating a new schedule to follow would help you. Adding exercise routine in the am to create the energy for day to then be tired by the end of the day. Hope this helps!