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hello, everyone. about a year ago I tested positive for JCV & then the connections with Gilenya came out. I stopped taking the meds & went on Dr. Jelinek's "Overcoming MS Diet". I lost 30lbs in 6 months & felt great. I have not been so great with the diet over the past several months & put about 20 back on - ugh, have to start again! Needless to say, I saw my neurologist today, who was not too happy that I stopped taking the meds. Now, I have not had any flare ups and any of my tingles, burnings, stabbings, dizziness, blurriness - all the things we all feel - they come and go, but I have been fortunate to have no lingering effects. So she decided to try & scare me with the "historically, those who go off their DMTs have a bad relapse & are hit hard within a year or two." Now, I have finally gotten a really good job and the family is doing well. I dont want to have to take meds if I dont have too, but I also dont want to get sucker punched with a bad relapse and lose the ground and all positives I've gained this past 7 months. She suggested AUBAGIO. Has anyone got any experience with this? Please let me know. I have to do new bloodwork & new MRI (had lesions on brain & spinal cord). So will know more soon. THANKS everyone! Wayne