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MRI has come back normal

Hi, I'd really appreciate some advice please. I have had strange symptoms for over a year now (although also have a history of migraines and vertigo going back at least 10 years). Last May (15) I experienced painful hands and feet (both sides) with tingling and what felt like swelling (but never looked visually swollen). I was also very tired, but I put this down to my having to get up in the night a lot for my son who has Type 1 diabetes. This lasted for a week or so. I had a repeat of the symptoms in July/August which lasted for at least a month. This time I had so much pain in my foot that I had to strap it up and was prescribed Tramadol, which made me feel very odd. I had bouts of extreme fatigue, but again put it down to sleep deprivation. I was referred to a rheumatologist and had loads of blood tests. They all came back normal as did an MRI of my pelvis and lower back. Then in December the pins and needles came back but stayed permanently, mainly in my right foot, but occasionally in my left foot and hands. Then in February I began to experience some very strange pelvic pressure, pushing on my bladder and bowel. I was referred to a gynaecologist to see if I had had a prolapse, but everything was normal (but she did mention going to a Neurologist). The weird sensations continued. I then had another episode which started at the beginning of May (16), it all started with extreme fatigue and a return or the awful foot pain, so much so that I couldn't put weight on my foot. Also despite the warm weather I had one very cold foot that I had to warm up with a bath during the day or wear 3 socks (I've never had this problem before). I was finally referred to a Neurologist, but told that I would need to wait 6-8 weeks. As I couldn't walk and the painkillers (Cocodomol and Naproxen) didn't touch the pain I paid to see a Neurologist privately. He thought it was some sort of inflammation of the brain and referred me back to the NHS for an MRI and prescibed Pregabalin, which did initally stop the pins and needles and really helped the foot pain (they have since returned to a lesser degree so I have increased the dose). Then a week later the visual diturbances (blurry vision as if I'd looked at the sun in my left eye) I had been having got a lot worse and I had some pain as well. My balance was awful as well. I ended up seeing another neurologist in hospital and he suggested Optic Neuritis and I had to cancel my holiday and spend 3 days in hospital having IV steriods. At this point I also had a positive Romberg test. I had an urgent MRI ordered, which I had a week later. I am now feeling a bit better, but still have the background pins and needles and fatigue. Today I got the MRI result from the Neurologists secretary and apparently it is normal. I don't really know what to do now as I haven't been right for a long time. I was told I will now be seen in September, which seems an age away. I am tempted to go back to private neurologist (who is also NHS) as the other one specialises in strokes, but the private one has written over 100 papers on MS. I also haven't had an LP or any VEP tests. Any advice would be much appreciated, although I should feel pleased, I still feel in limbo land as have felt so awful.