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I was just wondering if MS has hindered anyone from pursuing their dreams, their goals in life, their ambitions, their aspirations, or just made you rethink how you are going to get where you want to go. Or has it made you grab the bull by the horns and pursue your dreams vigorously? I have experienced a little of both. On the one hand, I am reluctant to do certain things due to the stress that comes with it i.e. career wise. On the other hand-it has reignited my passion for life, I now pursue my dreams without fear of failure-I encourage you all to do the same-Be happy and go and get what you want out of life:) I mean, who does this MS think it is????? Waltzing in here trying to take over our lives, trying to control our brains, telling us how to move, how not to move, what to feel, clouding our minds, taking over our sight!!!!!!! What is wrong with you MS??? What did we ever do? I know what it is, it's cause we're special, it's cause we're awesome, it's cause we rock so hard, we make the band 'KISS' look like clowns who have optic neuritis when applying their make-up. Take that? Take this! MS: Choose your next words carefully warriors,they may be your last as Kings and Queens. Narrator: The eyes of the warriors show no fear, as the wind sweeps across the faces of bravery, staring at the sun as it brings a warmth to their faces, a feeling of hope, a feeling of strength (natural vitamin D folks lol)Our loved ones look on with a true belief, they know the warriors have within, an immovable core of faith, MS won't bring them down, not today The warriors make a slight whisper.... Warriors: Air and water(whispered to themselves) Narrator: The Warriors draw swords on MS, they force them to the edge of a bottomless pit of no return. MS: Mad warriors, you're mad warriors! Warriors: Air and water, and you'll find plenty of both down there! MS: Male or Female, no warrior threatens MS! Warriors: You bring the destroyed(temporarily)hopes and dreams of our people to our city's steps, you insult our Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, You threaten my people with disability and death. Oh I've chosen my words carefully MS, perhaps you should have done the same! MS: This is blasphemy, this is madness! Narrator: Warriors and MS stare intensely at each other for a few seconds. Warriors look at their loved ones for approval to kick MS' ass. Loved ones give the nod of approval(at this point the audience are rubbing their hands in anticipation of the beat down that is undoubtedly about to occur-MS won't know what hit it) Warriors turn back to face MS.... Warriors: Madness?.....(Shouted with an air of Victory)..THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAA Narrator: Warriors kick MS into the bottomless pit, never to return again, their lives will from this point onwards be unprogressive and relapse free-all will return to its natural order. MS: (squeaky mouse voice, crying) oh no help me, why can't I win I used to rule peoples lives, now they are beating me, they are winning Warriors:Winning you say MS, no, not winning, we have WON!!!! THE END Brothers and Sisters with MS, fight for your health, we can do it! MS chose the wrong guy to mess with, I am a man of peace, but I will make an exception with this Multiple Sclerosis-see, it's a coward, doesn't fight fairly, needs more than one lesion to take us on lol. Peace and Love

Hey Mandela! When I was first diagnosed, I did think that was it for me, my life is just going to be run by MS and not by me!! I even remember crying in the nurses office when she was telling me about DMDs, saying 'but i want to move to London'...as if they dont have hospitals there?! Anyway to cut a long story short, I was in my final year of my Jewellery and Metal Design Honours Degree and used my MS experiences as inspiration for my Degree Show collection which came with a great response and 3 months later I was living in London!! :-D So people keep striving for your dreams, I know MS can make us doubt our abilities but I think there is always a little loop hole that we can find to help us around the difficult times! xxx


Nice post <a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/Mandela/' rel='nofollow'>@Mandela</a> and nice piece of writing too. I can imagine that script as a comic-strip or a graphic novel. Keep writing - you're ace at it! Hey, I know we've talked a bit about this already, but I'll share on here too. Hopes and dreams - well, it would be a dream to stop worrying about what I should be doing career-wise as I think primary teaching's tough on some MSers, depending on how MS affects the individual. Goal: Writing for me too. Getting to the end of my children's novel (or just to the middle would be an achievement just now). Getting some picture books published. Enjoying life. Having friends and family to hang out with. Laughing. Making people laugh. Being able to listen and empathise. Learning how much to share with others and how much to hold back, regarding MS. Learn how to ride and navigate the waves (not literally). :-) x