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Quitting job after diagnosis?

Hi all, I am 22 and was diagnosed with rrms in July after an attack in May. I’ve just started a dmd. Still have some symptoms - fatigue, feeling faint and I overheat quickly. My managers know, but they just don’t get it. My job is so fast-paced and they still think I can do anything and everything. It’s so hard to explain why I can’t do this anymore or why it will take me slightly longer to do that. And even when I do, they don’t take me seriously. It’s so draining. Everyday I come home from work and cry. So, I want to leave. I don’t plan to stay out of work forever because I am capable. I only graduated last year. But after this diagnosis I feel like my mental health is deteriorating quickly, I think I have depression and everyday I consider suicide. Right now I feel like I need time to work on myself, to work on coming to terms with this diagnosis (I was told I have ms over a random phonecall because of covid, wasn’t great), and to find a new job (part-time maybe) more behind the scenes so I get to sit down etc. I’m so determined to kick ms in the butt and still achieve my goals in life but right now, I’m very overwhelmed. (Btw money isn’t a deciding factor. I’m able to support myself for some time.) All opinions are welcome I’d really appreciate it. Feel free to tell me if I’m being irrational lol. Thank you so much.