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Close time frame in relapses.

Hi there, I am new to this site and would love some reassurance or perspective as I feel I am going mad. I was diagnosed nearly 8 years ago after my first son was born. I stayed off treatment as we were wanting to have more children and had a few different opinions from various neuros. Fast track to now and come October I had another relapse which resulted in severe altered sensation in my lower body but thankfully I was still able to walk I just looked a bit unsteady and wasnt going far or fast! I had a dose of IV steroids and was recovering slowly. At the end of January I started on tecfedera and it was all going pretty well until mid feb when I had a case of optic neurosis so more steroids, during this time my legs have felt weaker again and I am now terrified of what may lay ahead of me. Does anyone have a similar story who can offer a bit of hope? Each time I talk to a dr they say they can't tell what will happen from here which I know they can't but surely they can say something? I am terrified and panicking that it has changed from RRMS to something worse. I would love for anyone's advice or anything at this stage- I feel like I'm drowning. I have tried to stay positive throughout this but this last relapse so close together has knocked my confidence and I am trying to keep a rave face for my three beautiful kids and husband but each day is getting harder.