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Morning Sickness

Hello Everyone It is official. For the last 6 years the doctors kept saying possible MS but they have finally diagnosed me with MS after see 15 leisons now in my brain. Sucks big time but at least it shows I am not crazy or drunk all the time lol. I have noticed a new event and that is morning sickness. I am not sure if anyone else feels like this but before I get out of bed I feel like I have the flu. Mostly nauseated and a small headache. Once I am up for an hour or so it goes away. I am on Tergitol, monafil, Vitamin D. I have been on this pills for awhile so do not think it is that. Does anyone else have these symptoms. It is every morning for the last month or so. If so, any suggestions on how to releive theses symptoms I am 53 and completed menopause so no chance of pregnancy lol. Thanks everyone. Have a good day Barb

I'm sorry to hear that, Barb! Never a good start to the day! I occasionally get a morning sickness feeling, but it's just nauseau and not flu-like. My doctors are stunned when I say I don't eat breakfast right away and when I try to explain this morning sickness feeling they dismiss it. I'm not sure that it's MS related because I've had it since I was a very small child (or maybe it does and my MS trigger was way back then). Are you getting enough sleep? A silly questions, perhaps, but I find it worst when I haven't quite slept enough and my internal bodyclock has woken me up anyway. My only suggestion for relief is to have a cool compress ready for your head when you wake up; keeping it in a cooler next to the bed or something. That might help the flu-like symptoms. I do hope you feel better soon, though! Let me know if something in particular works for you!