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follow up update

Hello, so I have been to see my neurologist yesterday after having a 6 month MRI follow up. according to the neuro no new activity so far.... all good. here is a quick run up to what I am dealing with: in June 2017 had MRI done and found 6 non active lesions on my Brain in July 2017 had MRI of my spine and spinal tap done. Nothing found and all clear. Feb 2018 had a follow up MRI of the brain and neck and nothing new found. My neuro is considering this to be a isolated syndrome and wants me to go for a follow up in 6 months. here are some of the issues I am dealing with for a number of months already (since mid 2017): bladder and bowel problems (frequent urination and constipation) - been to urologist and nothing found to be of concern. Gastro also checked me out and I have acid reflux... still does not explain the bladder. tingling sensation in my hands when I wake up maybe 2x a week (lasting max a minute) sometimes random muscle spasms that last 1-2 minutes in the last month having a mild eye pain during the day ( no vision distortion ) lately noticed a very very mild stiffness in my legs, does not influence my balance or daily activities. Considered all the above, I am tempted to ask my neuro about a spinal MRI as well, since right now I have only confirmation that the brain and neck is good on a follow up. (spine never had anything before). sometimes when i have dark thoughts I am wondering if there is no chance I am developing a Primary progressive, since i am not having any specific relapses that I can identify. ( I guess this is maybe a little far fetched, but this thought came over my mind too yet neuro sees me as a non confirmed MS), and I am seeing the above symptoms...all my symptoms are rather mild. my current adjustments: daily 8000ui vitamin D vitamin E Flaxseed oil omega 3 magnesium, calcium selenium supplements daily exercise and starting OMS diet Thanks for any feedback in advance

@matus82 , Neuros are very reticent is providing a diagnosis of MS until they can be absolutely sure. The problems that you are experiencing may be residual damage from the non-active lesions from mid-2017. Incontinence problems are a common symptom, as are sensory symptoms. There's some information on these symptoms here :- https://www.mstrust.org.uk/a-z/incontinence https://www.mstrust.org.uk/a-z/altered-sensations Problems like these are different for all of us and unpredictable. Your Neuro is regularly monitoring you so is keeping a close eye on the situation. A full MRI, brain and spine, at the next review may be pertinent.