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Scared & Overthinking

I was just diagnosed with MS on June 27, 2024 by my primary doctor based on two MRIs, my bloodwork and symptoms. I haven’t seen the neurologist yet, just waiting for the referral to come back. I went into this thinking I had fibromyalgia, but this is where the tests are taking me. I am the most scared that the neurologist will change that and will mess with my mental state. Both my brain and thoracic MRIs mention suspicion of multiple sclerosis due to the lesions found. My ANA titer was 1:320, weakness in my extremities and I have a history of foot drop, among a plethora of other symptoms that can be MS. I believe this is why my primary has put this diagnosis for me. It would explain so many things and after doctors steering me wrong or ignoring me for 10 years, it’s nice to have an answer. But my primary is not a specialist and I would be so upset if the neurologist decided to say that wasn’t it. I guess I am more afraid of the approach. I get that a specialist is the proper person to diagnose this and understand more testing,etc, but I am scared of if they will approach it properly or if they will dismiss me. My history with doctors is that they dismiss me and often don’t care to investigate my issues. It took 4 primary doctors to get this far over 10 years, I just want to keep progressing with answers and get treatment. Thanks for reading.

The MRIs are key. Evidence of lesions in two separate areas proves “dissemination in space”. The neurologist will be looking at your history of symptoms to see if you’ve had at least two separate episodes two months apart - this is “dissemination in time.” If that’s unclear, then they’ll do an LP to check if you have oligoclonal bands (another way to prove dissemination in time). All neurologists diagnose MS via the revised McDonald criteria. No ifs, ands or buts. You fit the criteria, you get the diagnosis. You’re well on your way with your MRI. https://www.mssociety.org.uk/about-ms/diagnosis/the-tests-for-ms/mcdonald-criteria


Thanks. I have lessons in more than one part of my white matter and one on thoracic spine. How do they look at my history of symptoms?