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Vertigo/Dizziness Symptoms and Sports

Looking for advice, I was diagnosed with MS in 2012 in high school. I have been managing well and have been taking the Copaxone for years and have been great with it. I had a period of time I was not taking anything because of insurance problems. I love the sport of volleyball have been playing it for three years in high school and all my four years of college. I play all year round indoor and beach/grass tournaments. In the summer of 2016 I had been playing on a really hot day and thats when my last relaps happened. I got an MRI and they found a lesion in my cerebellum where the cause of the vertigo for a week and now the vertigo type symptoms. In my last year of college I felt I couldn't play the same cause of it and eventually stopped playing all together. I play here and there but end up hating it because I get real dizzy either from body heat or just the intense play. I got into volleyball because of my MS. I was in a really dark place, I had just moved to a new school, didn't really have friends, and was just really down and sad when someone asked me to join and the volleyball team. The sport became my drive to not let my MS beat me and my team became my family. And now that these symptoms have not let me enjoy playing, and trying the methods of keeping cool, hydrating, and using an instant cool towel haven't really helped. I just feel lost again and like my MS is getting ahead. I came on this site to see if there were people going through the same thing and found ways to cope or methods that help. If not I hope that if anything it may even help others. - Dan