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Hi, I’m Jo and I live in the UK, I’ve never posted on a forum before.

Just struggling a little tbh. July 2022, working full time , 3 kids , living life then boom. A few days feeling slightly odd then hospital admission. I haven’t really been able to walk, leave the house independently or do a lot since. Very lucky/unlucky to be diagnosed there and then, MRIs , lumbar puncture etc. started Ocrevus in Jan as only offered 2 treatments, sorry for the rant of an induction but just feeling really down and my poor hubby has to put up with me . I thought I’d excepted it lol.

Same case ive never posted in a forum all my life not because. Cant but because im not a big fan of socal meda ts a scam lol


@Stoddy Hello and welcome to the forum.