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1st time user - Money/Career Questions!

Hello, My name is Sophia, I just turned 29 on January 8th. I was diagnosed in 2011 with RRMS. Did not go on medication until 9 months later because I was still in denial. I tried Betaseron for a little over a year (experienced the flu-like symptoms everyday). Was switched to Copaxone and did that for about nine months (had injection site reactions/bruising/lumps everyday). Was then switched to Tecfidera (only lasted on that for one week and three days because of the stomach pain). I have not been on any medication since then for the last 2 years!! I have always worked my whole life and supported myself. Now, I am at the point of desperately considering going on disability due to barely being able to walk. I am in the middle of starting a new job - in construction sales! Yea, imagine a small petite MS'er going on construction sites selling power tools. I have been stressed, worried, and wondering how I will live life not being able to support myself. So my question.....what the heck do all you guys do for a living?! lol. I have student loans, a car loan, and hospital bills to pay. Now I'm considering going back to school and doing it all over again to learn Web Development or some type of Computer Analytics job that I can do from home. The problem - I don't have the money to earn another bachelor's, or the mental capacity because of numerous lesions in my brain. Does anybody have any recommendations for jobs they do from home? Also, I'm glad I found this online web community! :)

Hi @sophia. I am rather fortunate that I'm in the UK and as a single parent, part time worker (accounts), I get enough benefits to subsidize me (for now!). Where do you live? As you are paying hospital bills, I assume you are not based here.


Hello, I am teach Spanish and Java (Programming) at a high school. BTW I am in California. As to learning anything about computers, there are quite a few free websites that will help to teach you a variety of programming skills.