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The toilet

I try and inject some humour into this daily battle with MS. So.... The toilet was broken the flush mechanism thingy not the ball cock but the thingy in the middle where you press on and it releases the water. Called for a couple of quotes to fix it both over 100€ having seen that the part only costs 12€ thought I'd have a go and so the parcel arrived no more bucket and chuck it for me. Hooray for YouTube just put in the change, brand and model. And a couple of videos later. This looks easy. I need to remove the tank, must of been a someone with small hands who decided to put the screws and nuts in almost impossible places under and in the tank (just why would they design it like that?) Unscrewing i forget which direction and tighten it up again. So after much fiddling, sweat and swearing managed to get tank off. Replaced the seal got the tank back on but uff get the screws back on and fit the thingy but now the lid won't go on have dismount and remove a piece to make it shorter, had to watch you tube video again. I have tightened everything the best I can with a left hand that has no force and doing it's own thing this morning not cooperating with the rest of the body or brain. The dog with a lot of patience has sat and watched the whole process, i am sure he was laughing at me. No drips, no leaks. I know the screws need a tightening, this weekend have friends coming over so someone is going to have to tighten my screws preferably before a glass of wine. Does anybody else attempt DIY ?

I admire your have-a-go attitude. I was 'blessed' with two left hands. Hope yourself and your friends get it operational.


I know lots about software but my diy skills r terrible but managed to fit a toilet with a bident and a sink ,flips taps with lots of youtube videos and but took me so long also soilicon sealent for any drips lol , somet I learnt try not to overtighten fitings especially plastic ones , good on u , good luck but my diy skills r zero so this could bad advice 😁