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Neuro appointment

So…. I saw the neuro and have just received ‘the letter’. It says… “Possible sensory cervical transverse myelitis? …demyelination. I am awaiting an appointment for MRI’s on brain and c spine. Most of the tests he carried out seemed to not turn up any negative results. It says that the lower limb examination showed hyperreflexia with crossed abductors. Most tingling has gone, but still left with pain in the left leg, which seems to be present in the right aswell. Have got a policy that covers the MRI’s so don’t have to wait 2 months and will be in within a couple of weeks. The more I read, I have the fear that it will be ppms, though the suspected mild episodes over recent years would suggest otherwise?…. I’ll no doubt find out in due course! Would a relapse typical of rrms, leave lingering pain in the legs and the sporadic little prickly feelings seemingly anywhere. I have researched extensively over the past weeks and there seems to be many papers with encouraging study outcomes supporting the work of swank and subsequent work of jelinek. Everyone knows that the old adage ‘ you are what you eat’ has significant implications in many chronic illnesses…. But despite the evidence, their seems to be some reticence from the ‘medicine men’ to promote this. I suspect negativity from some on many forums are from those who do not have the discipline to make such lifestyle changes, perhaps convincing themselves that it is no more than quackery and therefore can justify their decision to not try and help themselves. I’ve never given much thought to the holistic approach to treatment of ailments but am convinced enough to give it a go…. Here comes healthy living and perhaps it will encourage that nudge of my immune system to be slightly less aggressive, or even better, climb back out of where it shouldn’t be. Hopeful on my next update.