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Switch from Tysabri to Lemtrada?

Hi! I am new to Shift.MS. The reason I joined is because I am trying to decide about a possible change of medication. A little about me,I am 65 and was diagnosed with MS 35 years ago. I actually had symptoms starting 15 years before that but it wasn't until I had an attack of optic neuritis that a doctor was able to diagnose my MS. Actually that one attack of of ON and an another attack of double vision 10 years later where the only exacerbations I have had in 35 years. I do have other symptoms but those haven't changed that much over the past 35 years. I don't have any problems with mobility and I usually walk 3 miles a day or ride and ride my bike 12 a day and go to the gym about 5 times a week. I had been on Copaxone from 1999 till 2014 when I switched to Tysabri. My MRIs have been really good except for one new lesion back in 2012. That was my reason to switch from Copaxone to Tysabri in 2014. Tysabri has been very good and I am still JCV negative after 4 years. The only reason that my doctor suggested that I might want to consider Lemtrada is that my OCT scan showed a thinning of my retinas. He said there is no guarantee that Lemtrada would work and if it didn't I would have to wait at least 18 months before going back on Tysabri. It is really hard to decide what to do and my girlfriend is that keen on me changing therapies because I am doing so well right now.What do you guys think?